New Era Beggars

Beggers with Mobile Phone

Beggars, like any other form of profession, always keep looking for innovative and more effective ways of collecting money. They are often found using very interesting techniques to gather sympathies and resultantly the money.

Gadgets, such as mobiles are not left behind by beggars. They use mobile devices and services associated with them to (better) do their businesses.

Mobile phones, as they have gained popularity in Pakistan and world over, now it’s not possible to remain without mobile even for a minute; which is good for fraudulent users of this technology. So let’s review one of so many in-practice methods by these money snatchers, which you may come across as well.

“If you believe in Allah and Rasool-e-Pak, please help me by sending only PKR. 15,” interesting enough na? Right…these short text messages (SMS) appeal your generosity and also test your religious beliefs and consequently make you transfer few rupees into the account of that needy.

The amount is insignificant and people may not mind in transferring this little amount, but not to compromise their religious beliefs. But hold on a second, this way you will not encourage the begging only, but your cell number will be circulated among all beggars’ colleagues (yea that’s what I call them as their business fellows) as a softhearted number or say “Top Hit List” number.

These messages are often customized, depending on the experience of the beggar, who may also ask you that I am one of your friend and in a very upsetting situation, as I can’t directly ask you for money…could you please lend me Rs. 1000….and don’t get shocked if the numbers of zeros increase…

Well, there is no doubt that this appeal can be a genuine one, but I am afraid there are very little chances of the genuineness; instead I term it an enhanced form of begging.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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