Caught Red Handed: Zong

Zong has allegedly copied the theme and the content of a UK telecom company’s AD. This actually disappointed me, keeping in view the popularity that the Zong AD had gained since its launch.

Zong bouncing out from China mobile had been doing pretty well as far as TV and print advertising was concerned. They started off with a very impressive teaser campaign both in Print and Electronic media and then after launch series did the wonders.

As far as Zong TV commercial is concerned, two aspects particularly gained the attention. The first was an, smile but elegant, amusing, rather glowing TV Ad which shows a guy walking and talking about Zong. The Ad looks to poke fun at competition and at the same time introduces Zong as a more affordable and more flexible service.

Our marketing gurus have also discussed the campaign, in a marketing forum. Here is the Zong’s AD that we see

And here is the original AD that was being copied…a 100 percent copy. Thumbs down for Zong…!

Earlier on, in Telecom, we have seen so many duplicates and pirated ads…

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  • Memoona

    why for God’s sake are we worried, if Zong has made a good copy of UK ad, as we all know what china is popular for.

    COPYING :)

  • hassan

    Why are we so concerned about zong ad?. Only issue is that message was clear and backed by commitment. So we better stop criticising which we had been doing for the last 60 years . Think ahead move ahead.!

    Pakistan First ! Love Pakistan and be Pakistan.

  • Hassan, maybe you wont agree with my opinion, but what you are talking about is some thing like “Mitti Paoo – Kaam Chalao”…

    Professional aptitude requires some ethics and respect for (copy) rights. Also the magnitude of China Mobile restrains them to follow such practices… However, we can appreciate the agency for a good execution, in fact a good copy

  • Ad Bad

    China is popular for copying? and that why is why the world trades with China, right? Before blaming another country for copying, do not forget that your own president quoted “Abraham Lincoln” while addressing the nation. And do not forget that a LOCAL advertising agency came up with the concept, as they are PAID for coming up with advertising.

    Pakistan first, love pakistan and be pakistan – then why copy other’s concepts? Why copy indians, americans, europeans and the whole lot. Be Pakistan.

    Criticism is the ONLY way to move ahead. If you think letting the nation believe that copying is okay and “borrowing” ideas is fine, they will ALWAYS do that. Upon criticism new suggestions are born and people get out of the box. Criticism does not mean complain or hate. It means to locate a problem and give a solution.

  • ardesher

    well!!!!! as long as its working and is easy to understand no issue with copying

  • m.sarfaraz

    yar wat is the matter at all?? china is making any duplicate items what it wants… even wiithout changing its brand name.. so is it having permission or wat..??

  • Kamal Panhwar

    Unbelieveable. This adetude agency has highly qualified staff, how can they copy an ad of similar industry and similar way and even similar offerings.

    Well no doubt pakistani company more btter than UK’s, but still how do an reputed agency can make such ads.

  • Emmanuel

    Hi all!!!!!!!

    Making copy of something is not bad but a crime, you will only make a copy when you accept that you can’t do better than this…and I agree that criticism is the only way to take this nation out of false and hopeless world which they have created around them….why you need to make a copy ??? dont you have talent???? if you KHUDA KE LIYE you can make DDLJ …or DHOOM ..etc etc…. so guys plz for GOD’s sake come out of this SHORT CUT theory and show the world that you Can DO IT….Yourself

  • China is name of copy. They have copied already every technology including Blackberry, nokia etc

  • Bro good post , but that ad just went on air for a month or so? now forgive Zong for that sin.

  • Its like saying that is a copy of all the other technology blogs out there. You dont call this a copy for God sake !

  • aziz uddin

    Zong is copy cat :D

    urdu poetry

  • Sana

    i must say China is name of copy. They have copied already every technology including all big brand in the world