Caught Red Handed: Zong

Zong has allegedly copied the theme and the content of a UK telecom company’s AD. This actually disappointed me, keeping in view the popularity that the Zong AD had gained since its launch.

Zong bouncing out from China mobile had been doing pretty well as far as TV and print advertising was concerned. They started off with a very impressive teaser campaign both in Print and Electronic media and then after launch series did the wonders.

As far as Zong TV commercial is concerned, two aspects particularly gained the attention. The first was an, smile but elegant, amusing, rather glowing TV Ad which shows a guy walking and talking about Zong. The Ad looks to poke fun at competition and at the same time introduces Zong as a more affordable and more flexible service.

Our marketing gurus have also discussed the campaign, in a marketing forum. Here is the Zong’s AD that we see

And here is the original AD that was being copied…a 100 percent copy. Thumbs down for Zong…!

Earlier on, in Telecom, we have seen so many duplicates and pirated ads…

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