Pakistan Telecom Market | An Insight

I know Umair Naeem through his posts at NetExpress, and infact i am one of his fan due to his command on the topic for which he writes.

Just went through one of his latest art, that covers Pakistan Telecom Market in a very a effective manner… For those who want to have an insight of the market, must go through this article…. an excerpt is given below

Pakistan is a highly competitive market because consumers are not bound by long-term contracts to cellular service companies. Rather, the consumer simply needs an ID card photocopy to set up a connection, or switch to another provider. The consumer has the option of a post-paid monthly billing connection, which is preferred in the professional segment, or the popular-among-the-masses pre-paid connection, through which the consumer can recharge the connection whenever and by any amount. To add to the consumer’s benefit, mobile phone portability is also available, which allows one to retain the same phone number regardless of changes in cellular service.

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  • Pakistan telcom sector is growing right now and creating new technlogies and playing very important role in economy of Pakistan, we hope that government of Pakistan will support this secort more,

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