Telenor Becomes Second Largest Cellular Company of Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has released the latest stats for cellular subscribers in the country. Also reported by Romail Kenneth of daily times, the breaking news is that Telenor has snatched the second position from Ufone, while Mobilink still at top with huge lead of almost 14 million subscribers.

Telenor was almost one million subscribers behind Ufone in January 2008; however, they significantly geared their sales in first two quarters of 2008 and grabbed 2 million new customers in only 6 months. This was not only the heights number of customers earned by any cellular company, but also it helped Telenor to sit firm at second position.

Since the year 2005 Ufone had retained its second position and was considered to be the second biggest mobile phone operator in Pakistan.

I am not sure what exactly made this to happen, I am still thinking over the decisive elements that made Telenor Pakistan to cross Ufone. My initial thought is the Heavy Advertising that Telenor has been carrying throughout the year. Otherwise, packages from both companies are going neck to neck; with Ufone even little better in services. Telenor took some brave decision during the second quarter, to directly compete with Mobilink and Zong…this gave them the positive marking hence fetching more costumers.

Subscribers’ Details (As Per May 2008)

Mobilink: 31,958,597
Telenor: 17,841,074
Ufone: 17,800,424
Warid: 15,114,678
Zong: 3,662,099
InstaPhone: 321,204 (As per April 2008)

Total Subscribers: 86,698,076

Mobile Tele-Density : 53.9 Percent

Interesting point is that, we had 85 Million subscribers in April 2008, however, in May 2008 we have managed to hit 86.69 Million mark; but what happened to those at least 5.6 million blocked SIMs? Are they still counted in these subscribers?

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • well telenor going to be 2nd biggest but its not user friendly lol.

    Last week i went to a telenor franchise near my home to port my ufone number to telenor at 7:00 pm where as u know all franchise remain open and serve till 7:30 PM. but they refused to accept my request and said to me to come again on 4:00 pm on some day. i told them that last weak i went with my friend to ufone franchise for portibility of some number they immediately accepted and did the job in 4 days. but that franchiser just refused me and told me that its better that i should goto telenor main office. then he added that because official staff leaves at 4:00 pm so they are unable to fulfil my request. i told him that u accept my form and forward for portibility next day when your staff wud come but that man was not willing to benefit telenor then i asked him the number of the owner of franchiser so that i may personally request him that from 9 to 7 i do a job so i cant come so please do me a favor then that man replied that he is the owner..

    i personally feel that whenever i went to any mobile company’s franchise they served well and was very politely but i got chance in my life to visit telenor twice but both time i was welcomed badly.

    the franchise where i visited was situated at JAIL ROAD, FAISALABAD

    then i tried emailing telenor but u will amaze to know that they didn’t even care to read my email and copy pasted a reply which did not match my question even. then i tried to reach telenor customre service representative thru a friends mobile, u shell be startled to hear that the music played for more than 20 minutes and i started hating that good music but no one picked my call.

    at the end i reached the point that talking to telenor is useless in all the ways.

  • Iam masters from University of karachi and having one year experience of telesales officer from citi bank. iwant a job.

  • Still Telenor is on Second and Might be back to Third in the days to come as UFONE looks comitted to achieve the previously held position of next to the Top.

  • tayyab ap ka dimagh kharab hai jo k ufon use krte ho jst MOBILINK BST 4EVR. bloody ufone

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