Warid going to invest $5 billion in Pakistan? REALLY?

I was amazed by this news, published in Business Recorder, which says that Warid Teleom is going to invest US 5 Billion Dollars to improve its services in the country. First thing that came into my mind was that this must be a typo or the reporter mistranslated the actual amount of Warid’s upcoming investments. We know that Warid, just before its third anniversary, announced the investment plans of US 1 billion dollars.

Though, we don’t have any other evidence of this much investment plans reported by another paper, still let’s consider the possibilities of 5 billion dollars coming into country in one go, is it really possible?

News Paper, in the same news item citing Marwan Zawaydeh, Group Chief Technical Office of Warid Telecom International, and CEO of Warid Pakistan, said that Tele-density in the country is somewhere around 40 percent instead of 55 percent (PTA claims that 55 out of every 100 people have mobile phones in Pakistan); hence more room for additional subscribers to be get tuned with cellular services.

The interview given by CEO Warid states another contradictory thing when CEO said that Warid Telecom focused more on quality and services, due to which Telenor took the lead, which reached under-served, rural and far flung areas of the country; he said that Warid left behind in number of subscribers but not in quality of services…and on other hands they are going to invest 5 billion US dollars to enhance services? Instead of new rollout??? I don’t have any idea of what Warid’s plan is or this reporter needs some schooling.

On another occasion, we expressed hard feeling for the reporter who claimed that China Mobile is going to invest 7 million dollar, initially we thought that this was mistyped, however, there came no clarification from the company.

Through some friends, i came to know that Warid’s parent ground Abu Dhabi Group is going to start some new businesses, like Advertising Agencies, and others; maybe they are counted in these 5 billion too…But we remember that they rolled out their whole business in Bangladesh in few hundred million dolors. Same was the case in Congo and Pakistan… another possibility can be the emergence of 3G roll out… but i am not sure about anything!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK