8.3 Million Downloads in First 24 Hours for FireFox 3

We saw that the download counter was turning real slow in the start, which didn’t rolled 5/6 downloads per second, however, the latter on in the day the counter was well geared sending more than 1000 downloads per second (personal observation)
Official release says that Firefox 3 browser was downloaded 8.3 million times thus Mozilla beat its goal of 5 million downloads by 3 million and set a new world record, massive one day download….
Mozilla’s servers sent out 83 terabytes of data during these 24 hours, and at the peak there were 17,000 downloads per second (with an average of 4,000 per second). The browser was downloaded in 200 different countries, with the top ten being

  1. U.S.
  2. Germany
  3. Japan
  4. Spain
  5. UK
  6. France
  7. Iran
  8. Italy
  9. Canada
  10. Poland

Snapshot of counter, which is currently offline and not displaying any stats (Snapshot taken from MozilaLinks)

So the Iranians loved Firefox, i was wondering where is India or China in this list?

We also saw some server crashes during the while, obviously, not a big deal when this much of data was being coming out from the servers.
Firefox 3, as a browser seems nice, smart, lightweight, quite quick and with less bugs. However, few extensions may not work in early days.

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  • Just Say NO to FirePox!
    The Mothzilla people have brought FirePox 3 out of it’s beta cocoon after oh so long! Millions download it in the first few hours! What’s the very first thing that happens to it? It’s hacked! Well so much for SBS “Standards Based Software”!


    In a nice fantasy world where every one loves each other, where pixies fly, where we all just share and get along, SBS rules. BUT, we don’t live there! The Open-sourcers, SBS crowd, moonies, lunnies, iTards, Alien-Mothershipers and Linux people will just have to face the truth one day!

    THE TRUTH: Hackers love “open” standards! Everyone can have this stuff, it’s free, free to have and free to manipulate, free to corrupt!

    What the world really needs is proprietary systems and software and standards! The kind of stuff that a hacker will have to take years trying to figure out the source to! Then when they do get close we change it all up on them, frustrate them, force everybody to upgrade or be left behind! Every company will have their own way of doing things as they see fit! Isn’t that really what true freedom is all about? Doing things your way! Not being told by others that you have to “share”, to play well with others, to make the intellectual property which you have slaved over “open and accessible” to anybody who comes along!

    C’mon people! If you want to see MY pictures, shouldn’t you have to user MY viewer? Isn’t that truly basic fairness, equity and just plain decency? What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours! It’s only “ours” if you pay for it!

    All of these freeloaders are really getting on my nerves! I prefer to pay my way! I like buying or renting, not living in some God-forsaken “free and open” hell hole with no doors or windows!

    Sorry, but I get passionate about this stuff!
    I am not evil

  • opptimize your pc

    I am also one among those ppl who use FF in 1st 24 hours.
    i get FF new version from cnet newsletter.