Voice SMS from PTCL to Cellular numbers with Kehdou Voice SMS

Text Messages (SMS) from cellular number to cellular number is nothing new in Pakistan, however, how if you are able to send SMS from a land line (PTCL) number to any cellular number across Pakistan, and that too a voice SMS? Cool na?

Right! PTCL says it has started this “Kehdo Voice SMS” service that will allow all landline users in Pakistan to send voice SMS messages to cellular numbers and that too in a simple way. Let’s explore what this Kehdo Voice SMS is…

Dial 1246 give yourself a pause, then dial the cell number and hold on until an automated voice will appear and guide you through the process. Wait for the beep, and record your message and press # button. That’s it

You can send your name with the voice message as well, the process is

[1246] pause [0333500XXXX] # (send your message with name)
[1246] pause [0300500XXXX] * (send your message without name)

Message will be sent to the mobile subscriber immediately; however, if the phone in switched off, or the responder does not pick the phone, system is going to try again in 2 hours. Don’t expect any third try, as system is configured for only 2 retries.

Message recipient will get a call from system that will speak out the message to the receiver.

Check points

  • All Phones lines are already subscribed, so you don’t need to activate this service
  • Kehdo SMS service is for only cellular networks in Pakistan (Does not support landline, WLL or international numbers)
  • Maximum duration of Kehdou SMS is 30 second


Each Kehdou SMS will cost you Rs. 0.99 Per Message
Incoming Kehdou SMS are free

PTCL’s Voice SMS is something different that of this new “Kehdou Voice SMS”. To know more about Voice SMS dial 1236 from your landline.

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