Free GPRS Internet on Zong – Step by Step Setting

Okay guys, after Ufone now we have cracked Zong too for FREE GPRS on your Zong Number…! Remember it’s a crack and it can go away anytime…so enjoy Free unlimited GPRS on Zong, until its not rectified…!

Follow the below method

  1. First of all you will have to activate GPRS on your Zong number…if you are already subscribed, then skip point 1, 2 and 3
  2. Send an SMS All<Space>Make<Space>Model and send to 131
  3. In response, you will get GPRS setting, simply save this setting; at this point your GPRS has been activated on your Zong.
  4. Now make sure that you have no balance in your account, that is your account balance should be zero
  5. Go into phone browser
  6. And Start browsing…lol yea that’s it.. (in case you receive any error, don’t give up, try 5/6 times and you will be connected…

Very Important Note: Someone on another forum used Free GPRS on Zong through this method has reported that he was charged for GPRS on next card load, however, many others are saying that they were not charged and they use this FREE GPRS smoothly. So be carefull… On other hands, spend Rs. 200 on Zong SIM and then forget about recharging it… ; -) keep on Using Free GPRS until its available

Give your feedback…! let me know when it stops working


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