Shahzada Out, Yasin In

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Autority (PTA) Maj. Gen (R) Shahzada Alam Malik has been shown the way to home by PPP government through premature termination of their contracts. As reported by Express News Dr. Mohammed Yaseen is appointed as new chairman PTA.

Mr. Malik was in good books of President Musharraf, and he was awarded extension in his tenure twice thus remained Chairman PTA for 9 years during which he remained in serious  controversies. How much truth was behind those controversies, no one knows but one thing is crystal clear that our bureaucrates either kiss the sky or lick the dust.

Dr. Mohammed Yasin, Chairman PTA (Profile)

Dr. Mohammed Yasin joined PTA as Member Technical in October 2006. Earlier on has worked with following projects

  • Essex University, England, as Senior Research Officer
  • PTCL Pakistan, as Director Strategy
  • Alcatel Submarine networks Australia as System and Project
  • Engineer,
  • Advanced Networks and System Australia as Senior Consultant

Dr. Yaseen is professional Engineer and he has 30 International and national publications on Telecom technologies, ICT growth, Strategies and design of telecom networks.

Dr. Yaseen has represented PTA at various International and National forums including Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), where he was selected as Vice Chairman, APT, Study Group 2 (Networks).

After graduating from DCET (NED), he achieved Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarship in 1987 and completed his Ph.D. in 1992, from University of Essex, England with specialization in Telecommunication Systems.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Every one knows that Shahzada Alam Malik owns all the Warid/Wateen franchises in Rawalpindi by using his influance at those private companies. An investigation should be launched to look at how much loss the government had because of Mr. Malik.

  • @ Mansoor Niaz,

    Yes mansoor, you are right! i am doing an investigation report regarding Mr. Malik, in which i will discuss many rong doings by him with proofs. Yes these ppl should not be left alone like this… they should be questioned about things which they did bad… not only after their service, but during service period too. If you want to share any information (to help my story), then please contact me at aamir7 [at]


  • Dear Attaa

    I wish u to go beyond pulling down a person. I would be on ur side if u also extend ur work for evolving a system
    in which there is a self regulating mechanism embedded wherein culprits are automatically imparted retardation and ultimately get kicked off from a position (dont ask me if we are able to raise the implementers —- let others take care and share SAWAAB).

    Malik Sb has been a sacred cow. He may now be untouchable.
    There are so many zillions of wrongs done and are being done that we may end up exhausted and totally spent.

    Any way, still I wish u Good Luck, my friend.

  • Shahzada Alam Malik owns all the Warid/Wateen franchises in Rawalpindi by using his influance at those private companies.

    HOW WE CAL HIM MR,10% OR 20% 30% OR 1000%?

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