Secret Codes for Chinese Mobile Phones

After publishing Secret codes for Nokia handsets i am putting following codes for Chinese handsets. I have tested these codes on few on Chinese Made handsets, and they seem working. But due to the fact that there are hundreds of models available for Chinese Handsets, there are chances that these codes may not work on your phone. Let me know in that case…!

default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
Engineer mode: *#110*01#
Factory mode: *#987#
Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200
Restore factory settings: *#987*99#
LCD contrast: *#369#
software version: *#800#
software version: *#900#
set default language: *#0000#
set English language: *#0044#
set English language (new firmware): *#001# Send

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  • Hi i have a bit of a problem hopefully you can help, i tryed the “secret codes” on the chinese fone i have and none of them work, is there a special way i need to enter them? or do i need different ones, the fone i have is just 1 of these chinese things it’s a Bai Xing C3000 but from what i have found out there is also a cect c3000 so they may be the same!? i would be very grateful for any of your advice/help

  • thanks for such a quick reply, i understand there are tons of chinese fones & tons of different codes, i wasent asking for you to spend your time searching codes for my fone, but if you manage to find any that may work i’d be gratefull to know, thanks for your time & advice

    • Try *#4224876# it worked on my TIGEL T-20 chinese imitation of blaccberry 8900, good luck

  • Hi i am karan here none of these codes work properly on my chinese handset i have smalt s900 . which is a product of smalt technologies based in china

  • Hi! I was surfing some web pages looking for Chinese phones codes. I have a “Ciphone A9” model ( When I finally get in “Engineer mode”, I was really shocked. You will find there a lot of hardware settings that can make your phone unusable if you don’t know what you are doing. So be very careful when you access this hidden menu!!! In the end I will give you some codes that works on this phone model.
    *#66*# Set Factory Mode
    *#8375# Show Software Version
    *#1234# A2DP PTS Mode (Bluetooth output)
    *#1234# A2DP Normal Mode (Bluetooth output)
    *#3646633# Engineer mode
    *#33778# Serial no.
    *#900# BT power on (Bluetooth output)

    • hi gabriel

      thanks these codes all worked on my fone. i was wondering if u had anymore codes or could direct me to the relevant site? i am desperate to increase the reception and the ringer volume on nokia 8800? would really appreciate help

    • Hi:
      do anyone know how to modify engineer mode digits to up calling mic voice without any risk in anycool 929i ?????

      • pls help me i toch some thing in the engineer code and my phone went off pls help me sending me an email pls help me.

    • when i have typed engineer mode code and get into it i have selected high speed sim and and my phone is switched off…….and now it is no turning on neither charging nor connecting to pc via data cable………it is dead….. can u help me……..pls its very urgent…..pls…pls…pls… or send it via email at [email protected]……pls..send it fast… i m veey upset… pls…pls…pls………….

  • Thankx 1st of all.
    only these codes worked!!

    default user code: 1122
    *#8375# Show Software Version
    *#33778# Serial no.
    *#900# BT power on (Bluetooth output)

    Any one know what “VIP” does under “Organizer” menu?

  • plesse intalation of java on nokia n95 8gb clone …..

    the unlock code and where we put it … and how to intalss

    best regards :)


  • -i dont know what is my china phone version name and no

    but on the box it says D999

    ,,,,,,, iam not sure its written in china language

  • I have a (sigmatel t33 china mobile)which its activation key of profile setting is lost and now its always on silent mode (have no sound ) and i need it master reset code if any one send me by this email ( [email protected] )


    waiting for your reply

    • @Ahmad Sohaib, try mobile software shop in your near market… they may help you, otherwise due to diversity of china made phones, i believe no one would be in good position to help you remotely (through email)

  • Sir i have a new china mobile set buy model# Pic U9 plus bluetooth pen but i not know pin code. i connect bluetooth and sending file but he ask showing window pin code i don’t know kindly help me for the problem. i wait ur response.

    my email is [email protected]

    i shall be thankful to you.


  • plz plz plz plz plz call me …. aap ko mobile ke bare main buhat se codes bataon ga ,,… 03007256067

    • i have nktel Nseries dual sim mobile phone it was always ask for puk code when i goes to try for unloke it hapend to bloked my mobile SIM1. Now dual phone become single sim phone plz help me what to do???

  • i have chinese mobile Q2280 my questions are

    1.what are the codes for this mobile in those some are working not engeneering mode

    2.when ever i connect my mobile to computer then it starts to charging not showing USB functions,it is something related to malfunctioning of mobile ,how to connect

    plz….help me to get rid of these problems…………

  • hi i have a dual sim chinese mobile model u908 anycoll by jinpeng .its giving me sim2 invalid sim error only sim one is active can u help me solving this problem ? thank you

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  • i have sigmatel T96 chinese mobile but yet i not have install the software, games and themes of this cell. i want PC suite of this cell.

  • hi,

    pls send me chinese mobile 6300 code i really want this and tell me how iz work

    thanks and regards

  • hello
    i have a china monile NOkia N95. anybody know the secrat code for that. i tried these code as given above but except *#900# no one can work on Nokia N95 (china Mobile ) plz give mein the secrat code on my mail [email protected] or my cell phone no +92-346-2811249 i will be thankfull

  • hi.
    i have sigmatel S90 Actually is not working proper only keypad light is on and off is going on i am tring to start but it didnot start so i do and what is problem

  • Hi!

    I bought nktel 2800, but did not know how to install games on it. I have tried coping .nes files in the phone, but nothing worked. if anyone helps it will be nice..have a nice time c u

  • i have china mobile no name version # kafm615mby_3.01.225
    i wanna intall games it also have game folder but when i tranfer games error message arrive “fail to upload file” pixel size is also mentined 240*320 size is also mentione

  • Hi,

    my phone is the Xintai T800+ and almos none of these codes worked on it, except the BT Power ON *#900# and the language codes. Does anybody know the Factor Code and Engineering code of it ?

    Best Regards,

    [email protected]

  • Hello,

    I have a samsung u908.. can you tell me the codes for this phone and do you know how to install new games on it?
    I have uploaded games via USB cable and then what do i do… they won’t start.

  • I have nktel 2008 mobile set the problem is that light of keypad is not workig. how can i correct it is it software problem or any other problem please tell me.

  • when i have typed engineer mode code and get into it i have selected high speed sim and and my phone is switched off…….and now it is no turning on neither charging nor connecting to pc via data cable………it is dead….. can u help me……..pls its very urgent…..pls…pls…pls… or send it via email at [email protected]……pls..send it fast… i m veey upset… pls…pls…pls………….

  • hi ! thanks for all help i got from this age…
    but still both cameras of my phone are not working…. i hav reset my fone please reply on [email protected] or call @ 9971518338..

    thanks for all that ..again…..Prashant!

  • Dear all,
    I have a Nokia E66 chinese dual sim mobile
    now i need to install java on the handset so that all will work as in original Nokia E66,Voip service softwares are not supporting and wma files too not supporting will anybody help in this regard

  • i have a china phone which i have recieved from a gulf question is that my phone hancks when i lock its keypad it will not work untill u took off its battery plz help me with my problem

  • Hi, i just got a nokia e66 rm 343, but under the battery it sais rm 314.. it`s not a dual sim replica but it has no 3g or gps on it.. and alot of other functions in the menu… and the nokia pc suite wont recognize my phone.. do you thin i could do smth about it ? pls send me an email [email protected] 10x

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