Telenor TalkShawlk 30 Second Package with Bundle Minutes

Today, after a break of atleast 2 months, we saw couple of new offers from cellular companies. In this post I am going to focus on Telenor’s Talkshawk 30 Second Package.

Package is quite interesting as for the first time, Telenor has introduced a mixture of prepaid and postpaid attributes in its Telenor TalkShawk… Tell you frankly, package is not that simple to comprehend, any way… lets go straight away to call rates…!

Call Rates for Telenor Talkshawk 30 Seconds Package

Note: All Prices are for 30 Seconds and tax is added in these rates, so don’t get confused… Also these prices are only for Telenor Talkshawk 30 Second Package. If you are not subscribed to this package then see below how to convert to Telenor Talkshawk 30 Second Package

Telenor to Telenor: PKR 0.91
Telenro to Other Network: PKR 1.15
Telenor to PTCL: PKR 1.15
Friends n Family – Telenor to Telenor: PKR 0.54
Friends & Family Telenor-Any other Network: PKR 0.91

SMS: PKR 1.21 Per SMS
International SMS: PKR 6.05 Per SMS

These are normal Pricings, but you can buy free minutes like you do with SMS. These free Minutes can be used for Telenor to Telenor Calls only (and obviously for Telenor Talkshawk 30 Seond Package)… details are as following

How to Get Free Minutes?

  • In order to subscribe to this service (free minutes), dial 555 and press 6. Subscription validity 15 days
  • Free Minutes can only be used for Telenor to Telenor (onnet) calls
  • Dial *222# to check Free Minutes Balance or call 555
  • Unused Free Minutes will be confiscated upon expiry of validity
  • Free Mins will be confiscated in case of price plan change
  • If re-subscription is done before expiry then unused minutes will be carried forward.
  • Offer available only for Talkshawk 30 Second

Terms & conditions for Friends & Family Numbers:

Subscriber can administrate these numbers by calling 555 or sending SMS to 345.

  1. To add an FnF send “Add <slot no> <number>” to 345
  2. To delete FnF send “Del <slot no>” to 345
  3. To edit FnF send “Edit <slot no> <number>” to 345
  4. To view FnF send “FnF” to 345

Friends & Family administration charges through SMS are Rs.2 per SMS

3 Telenor Friends & Family numbers are available, subscribers have the option of either having all Friends & Family numbers as on-net or off-net. They can even have 2 numbers as on-net and 1 number as off-net and vice versa.

Note: Friends & Family rates apply 6am-6pm for onnet and 24 hrs for off-net.

Friends & Family functionality on all talkShawk subscribers has already been activated (there are no activation charges for this service).

How to Convert your Telenor Number to Telenor Talkshawlk 30 Seconds Package?

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  • I have a Dubai number which I keep on international roaming here in Islamabad for my international clients and it’s usually Warid or Telenor that provide this service. It is a prepay number with Etisalat so I have to keep recharging it when I run out.

    Problem is this : everytime some calls me on it, i lose approximately AED 10 per/MINUTE !! Thats like 200 rupees per minute for RECEIVING A CALL !!! It’s something similar for receving an SMS!!

    There MUST be a cheaper way … any suggestions anyone?

  • i need to keep the Dubai number active so PLEASE if anyone has any ideas/suggestions, they would be MUCH APPRECIATED.

  • Telenor is claiming of offering RS. .91 (.75+tax) for all other network calls including ptcl. Then, howcome u r saying that the call charges are RS. 1.15 ???

  • balance check fee should not be dedected from balanc. These are extra charges on the customer. It decrease the good image of Telenor. Please take action and give free balance check to the customer. Good bye

  • i like the telenor b\c they give us best sms pakages to there fore i transfore my zonc number to telenor

  • shit on telenor packages and tariff they charged hedden charges whichis increase a call charges from rs 2.50 each calls they r liers

  • Kindly Tell me kay telenor ka 30 second wala zayda cheap hai ya phir 68 second on all network I m little bit confuse…….

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