UBL Now Offers Online Shopping For its Debit Card Holders!

Many of us don’t own credit card that means we are easily deprived of online shopping. Believe me; at times we find ourselves in deep trouble due to not having a credit card, and life seems impossible without credit card.

I am like many of you, who don’t like the idea of credit card. Just because of tons of service charges they apply for no good reason. So I had no credit card until few months back. Then I decided to start this blog and had to purchase a hosting server. So that was the time, when I came to know how important a credit card can be. Khair it’s a long story about how I managed to get my credit card and leased my server.

So the good news is that, United Bank Limited (UBL) has now started allowing their debit card holders to shop online with their Visa Debit Cards… yea!

So you can now use your UBL Wallet Visa to shop online! UBL is one of the few banks in Pakistan to offer its customers this value added feature, opening a whole new world of choices and convenience for customers.

So guys, go ahead and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Simply call toll free at 0800-11825 to activate your UBL card.

Note: UBL Debit card comes with every debit account with United Bank Limited. So all you need is an account with UBL to get this facility. For details callL: 0800-11825


  • No activation or annual charges – Facility available FREE OF COST!
  • No extra paperwork required
  • Nominal per session charges (Call helpline for details)
  • Easily activated by calling toll free on 0800-11825
  • UBL Wallet Visa card can be used at all international and local websites that accept VISA.
  • Customer defined spending limit / duration for enhanced security
  • Gold Card Daily Internet Shopping Limits :PKR 100,000
  • Silver Card Daily Internet Shopping Limits :PKR 50,000

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Yes I got an ad in my bank statement about it and then also read it on Pak Spider Blog. Great service by UBL!

  • yes an Excelent service by UBL. But what when i am outside pakistan and want to enable internet session.
    UBL should provide this session activation sevice inside customers online Account pages. so that internet banking user can active and block by himself.

  • this is a gr8 service and i want to ask that i want to pay some money in south korea and they accept Visa and i have UBL traveller Visa Debit card so can i pay the money?????plz reply soon i will wait

  • Does “Standard Chartered Bank” offer online shopping with its Debit cards???

    or its only UBL in whole Pakistan which offers Online shopping with Debit cards??

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