Zong Tops 5 Million Customers… Really :O

Yes, you will have to believe this, as reported by Daily Times. Infact i read this news yesterday, but was unable to counter check it from PTA’s website… (By the way PTA’s website is still down due to some scripting issues).

We hope this is not a typo or mis-communication, as this has happened before with Zong. By the way, i am unable to digest this news; as Zong was Launched in April 2008, and how come they made 1 million customers per month??? Can some one please confirm this news?

Anyway, let me paste the excerpt from Daily Times for you to know more about Zong’s 5 Million Story

KARACHI: China Mobile’s first international brand, ZONG has touched 5 million subscribers after receiving unprecedented response to its innovative products and services. According to data released by the telecom industry regulator, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), ZONG has achieved a phenomenal 35 percent market share during the period April to July 2008. Salman Wassay, director marketing ZONG said, “It is because ZONG is the only cellular operator that is offering what the public needs, rather than promoting products and packages that serve the company more than they serve the users”. staff report

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  • Aamir,
    Zong was already having some .5 million customers(Previous Paktel)at the time of launching. Do you remember Warid doing 1Million customers in just 80 days. It was just because of low rates.
    Same happened to Zong, lower rates and personalized numbers. But i would still support your point that in this period of saturation, it is quite difficult to get results in a short period. A month ago they were 3 million. Telecom sector in Pakistan is adding some 1 million total SIM (including all operators) in a month which is as per books. And if we suppose that all the SIMs are Zong then it is possible.:) Nevertheless, we need to verify this figure before quoting it further.

  • I believe it’s because they had already 2 million customers shifted from Paktel. But still 3 million in 5 months is a big achievement.

    Interestingly .. you blog has first comment from me after I started trying Google Chrome :)

  • On a general note i believe 5 million might be right however alot of people bought Zong connections because they had the same # in other networks which actually finds the pocket of the customer rather than the cell, enormously cutting the operator’s revenue. this figure might be used as a marketing tool however is a disguised threat

  • I think that zong is not the best company if You to zong customer service you will be replied irresponsible answers therefore i suggest to peoples to use other compneis zong mein google webiste aur orkut nahin open ho rahi hain jab k other mobile compnies ya wateen se internet use karin to google ki tamam websites open ho rahi hain so i think that zong is not best like mobilink Indigo aur is baat ki khud zong wale bhi tasdiq karte hain Abdul Hameed Aftab ur Rehman Awan aur Ayaz mehmood seniors of Zong CM Pak aur P.T.A ke seniors ne bhi yehi kaha hai ke Zong shared internet de rahi hai aur Mobilink ka apna network hai aur wo proper service de rahi hai is waja se mobilink ki EDGE per speed bahut achhi hai.
    aur zong ki sim mein apne naam pe karane ki 6 months se request di howi hai lekin sim abhi tak mere nam pe nahin howi is per mein zong ke khilaf bahut khuch kar sakta hoon

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    • sorry to say, I am using zong unlimited internet and I have no issue/ problem like you described. so before giving comment do consult from others. Zong is too good but as it is new in pakistan zong will be able to cover whole Pakistan very soon. otherwise where it exists its service is good. some times if any problem happens then no problem. in every way of life problem comes.

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