Zong Tops 5 Million Customers… Really :O

Yes, you will have to believe this, as reported by Daily Times. Infact i read this news yesterday, but was unable to counter check it from PTA’s website… (By the way PTA’s website is still down due to some scripting issues).

We hope this is not a typo or mis-communication, as this has happened before with Zong. By the way, i am unable to digest this news; as Zong was Launched in April 2008, and how come they made 1 million customers per month??? Can some one please confirm this news?

Anyway, let me paste the excerpt from Daily Times for you to know more about Zong’s 5 Million Story

KARACHI: China Mobile’s first international brand, ZONG has touched 5 million subscribers after receiving unprecedented response to its innovative products and services. According to data released by the telecom industry regulator, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), ZONG has achieved a phenomenal 35 percent market share during the period April to July 2008. Salman Wassay, director marketing ZONG said, “It is because ZONG is the only cellular operator that is offering what the public needs, rather than promoting products and packages that serve the company more than they serve the users”. staff report

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