Recap of Zong Prepaid Packages

I receive plenty of enquires regarding Zong Prepaid Packages on daily basis. In this post I will try to summarize all prepaid packages offered by Zong. Please note that, All information presented on this page is taken from Zong’s official Website.


Zong Call Packages

12 Anay Package

With Zong 12 Anay Package you can talk for any one hour for only Rs.6.04 (including taxes); you can change this one hour everyday!

Zong 12 Anay Package – 30 Second Pulse(Including Taxes)
ZONG to ZONG 90.75 Paisas
ZONG to any other
90.75 Paisas
SMS to any network 90.75 Paisas
Happy Hour Rs. 6.04 per hour
ZONG Friends and
Family numbers
5 Numbers
ZONG Friends and
Family rate
61.5 Paisas
8 Annay Offer 61.5 Paisas
MMS Rs. 3.63/100KB
Mobile Internet
Rs. 18.15/MB
  • By Default 12 Anay Package will be activated, however, you can also activate 8 anay offer by by dialing 907 and each addition/modification will be charged at Rs. 15 + tax – For information about Activating 8 anay Offer click here
  • (if 8 Anay Package is selected) 40 paisas extra will be charged during first minute. For Complete Details of 8 Anay Package click here
  • 8 Aanay offer is only for one off-net number at a time and it can be changed any time
  • You will have to activate “Happy Hour”, and can also change “Happy Hour” daily, however every action/modification will be charged at Rs5.
  • Friends and family rate apply for 24 hours, for those customers who have subscribed for happy hour, Friends and Family rates will not be applicable during that hour.
  • Happy hour can be modified once everyday.


Zong Free Package

With Zong Free Package, you can call one Favorite Zong number for Free from midnight to 7am – absolutely free! This is a limited time offer, so rush now before you miss the deal of a lifetime!

Zong Free Package offers: During Break Time Hours call all ZONG numbers at Rs.4.82 per hour from noon to 2.00pm. Now you can call upto 10 Friends and Family numbers.

Free Package Nationwide Tarrifs – 60 Second Pulse (Including Taxes)


Rs. 2.42

ZONG to any other network

Rs. 2.42

SMS to any network

Rs. 0.24

ZONG Friends and Family numbers

10 numbers

1 Free Number (Midnight to 7:00 am)*


Late Night Offer (Midnight to 7:00 am)

Rs. 4.82 per hour

Break Time Offer (Noon to 2:00 pm)

Rs. 4.82 99 per hour

ZONG Friends and Family rate

Re. 1.21


Rs. 3.63/100KB

Mobile Internet

Rs. 12.1/MB
  • & = Limited Time Offer
  • ** = All Zong Numbers
  • You can subscribe to ZONG Free Package by dialing 900 with onetime charges of Rs. 15 only – Excluding Taxes (first time migration to this package is free)
  • Balance validity is based on re-charge
  • Daily subscription charges are Re. 1
  • The free number can be modified only once every month
  • You can choose to unsubscribe from Break Time offer by calling 310
  • To avail one free number the subscriber needs to maintain balance of Re.1. To reactivate call 900


Zong Aik Paisa Package

With Zong’s “Aik Paisa Package”, you can make call for just 4 paisas per second!

  • All Networks. All Numbers. All Time!
  • Call 5 Friends and Family numbers for just 2 paisas per second.

Zong Aik Paisa Package – 1 Second Pulse (Excluding Taxes)


4 paisas

ZONG to any other network

4 paisas


75 paisas

SMS to any other network

Re 1

ZONG Family and Friends numbers

5 numbers

ZONG Friends and Family rate

2 paisas



Mobile Internet

  • Customers can subscribe to ZONG Aik Second Package by dialing 900 with one-time charges of Rs. 15 only (first time migration is free)
  • Package can be changed once every day
  • Balance validity is based on re-charge

Note: Please call your helpline 304 to avoid any misunderstanding regarding these packages. Furthermore, these packages keep on changing, so also check latest Zong Packages here

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  • How can i add international friends and family numbers. can i add belgium’s numbers as favourit thanks

    • Well, i was told that this service is over. In case, their helpline is best place to get information. I will ask them and will post the info here… or you can check it yourself too

  • what after the end of balance in zong free package is sim blocked or daily deduction from money when we charge it or nothing happen to sim and account.

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