Enjoy Free V to V and V to PTCL Calls With Vfone Unlimited

As anticipated, PTCL has launched a new package for its (WLL) Vfone customers. As the name say, “Vfone Unlimited”, offers you unlimited calls to Vfone to Vfone and Vfone to PTCL Landline numbers at a flat rate of Rs. 600 per month (inclusive of all taxes)

Apparently, a very fruitful offer, but I doubt that home users would like to pay this much rental for their Vfone connection. This package also gives a hint that PTCL now wants to capture business customers for its Vfone unit.

Thankfully, this package is not activated by default on all Vfone numbers, like PTCL did with Pakistan Package. Hence, it’s an opt-in option, and you will have to subscribe to Vfone Unlimited package to enjoy free day and night calling.

Furthermore, I hope Vfone Unlimited was introduces with consent of other WLL companies. Because, free on-net calling is not an issue, but free day and night calls to PTCL landline numbers may arise some questions in PTCL’s competitors.

Call Rates for Vfone Unlimited

Line Rent: Rs.20 per day (including taxes)
Vfone to Vfone (Local/NWD): Free
Vfone to PTCL (Local/NWD): Free
Vfone to Other Landline (Local): Rs.1 per minute
Vfone to Other Landline (NWD): Rs.2 per minute
Vfone to Mobile (Local/NWD): Rs.2 per minute
SMS: Free
Internet: Rs.1 per 10 minutes

How to Activate Vfone Unlimited:

To change you package, to Vfone Unlimited, you need to dial 1015 or call free helpline 1236.

Daily Charges

Daily subscription charges of Rs.20 apply. The line rent is includes all taxes.

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