Policy to be finalized in Two Weeks to Curb Pre-active SIMs

Senate’s standing committee on Interior has passed directives to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Ministry of IT and Telecom to finalize policy for taking away pre-active SIMs from the market, with-in two weeks.

A source familiar with the directives issued by Senate’s standing committee told that Government is very serious to tackle illegal SIM’s issue, especially after Marriott’s incident; Government is in no mood to leave any stone un-turned in order to make the country free of illegal SIMs.

Seriousness of Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Talha Mehmood can be judged by his statement that he gave during today’s meeting, he said, “We are in state of War…” He said that PTA must come up with policy with in two weeks, so that all pre-active SIMs could be taken away from market at earliest. Senator Talha, linked various criminal activities with illegal SIMs, and he once again emphasized the need to taking severe actions against those who carry illegal SIMs.

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  • ہاں اب یہ ہو گا کہ بیکری پر گھی کے ساتھ بیچنے پر پابندی ہو گی اور پکوڑوں والے ریڑھی پر رکھ کرر بیچا کریں گے۔ اور لکھا ہو گا
    نیز فرائی سمیں بھی دستیاب ہیں

  • Asifa

    I wonder on whom we should put blame of spreading of illegal sims, either mobile companies are responsible for it, who spread millions of illegal sims just to earn a big share of market profit, or we should blame PTA who very liniently allow mobile companies to have such a big number of sims available…..

  • M.Asim

    sir my sim is not to my name so ples help me iam sim is use since 6 years so kindly help me.

  • M.Asim

    sir my sim is not to my name so ples help me iam sim is use since 6 years so kindly help me and my mobile number is 03443393606.