Proposals for Eid Doodles

post by Bites85

After pointing out missing doodles for Muslim community, we got tremendous response from our readers and fellow bloggers; who have joined hands with us to raise voice over an issue that was neglected by Google so far!

Now it’s time to unveil the Eid-ul-Fitr Google Doodle. This Doodle is created by my friend Khayyam Shahzad, a designer from Awan Soft This is his way of contributing towards the cause. We thank him for his efforts. Below is the Doodle designed by him

There are other Doodle’s coming from fellow designers across the Muslim world, that shows the concerns of Muslim community for getting the header spot on Goole’s home page. Here is one of Doodle that is designed by aLee.

Meanwhile we have also sent these doodles to Mr. Badar Khusnood, Country Representative, Google, lets see if he considers it.

We want your all your support, on the issue and remember don’t forget to give your feedback by leaving a comment below!

  • Good ones ; – )

  • nice work bro
    keep it up

  • Bites85

    Enjoy all my fellow Muslims !!! Cheers

  • Struggle for a good cause!

    Best of luck to Bites85 and all those who think its time for Muslims to get some global appreciation.

    I hope Google really considers this.

  • Bites85

    @DjFlush thanks man…Your comment is always crucial.

  • Teeth Maestro


  • Riz

    Both logos are looking great, especially first one. But there is some problem in first one. It does not fully represent Muslims all over the world. Two characters wearing “shalwar kameez” make it more like a logo for Pakistani Muslims. Still perfect for Pakistani domain

  • MZC

    these doodles are really great.

  • Bites85

    @Riz Thanks man.Basically it signifies muslims wearing shalwar kameez,and it is known all over world..muslims usually wear it..and got the chand and its good… so thanks for stoping by and commenting

  • PakSpeaker

    awesome dear, both are nice and excellent work as our doodles.. I wonder how much time no google needs to approve them.

  • don’t spam my site again.

  • It’s great that you’re getting recognition for your cause.
    While, at the same time, I do not appreciate you spamming the link to this post as a comment on a totally unrelated article at Redmond Pie.

  • The last Pakistani

    WE SHALL TAKE OUR DOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nasir Mahmood

    luvvv itttt Kayyam Shazads one is FAB

  • seriously I feel like shouting here, since the ‘smart’ admin on this site had moderated my comments on the last post for no reason. Couldn’t stand the criticism I’m sure. Better NOT spam my site again.

  • Imran, please note that i had edited your comment to give the unreasoned fight an end. I will ask bites85 to not to SPAM again!


  • Bites85

    @ Imran Hussain sorry man..just wanted u to see this…was just 1 click,u could have moderated..just wanted u to have a look!

    @abbas will not happen again…

    I wonder why u guys get angry on 1 link..if comments are moderated,then dont moderate my comment…the reason is just to get you respected bloggers for a comment …for this cause,i think it should be valid… sorry guyz

  • aLee

    Good to see other designers lining up to create a doodle for Eid. But as dotriz said, the first one is more focused on Pakistani’s rather than Muslims globally, plus I have seen those cartoon characters somewhere in Eid Greeting cards, correct me if I’m wrong.

    I think Google, if considered to use any artwork, will ensure its originality and uniqueness.

    Anyways, Good to see some Muslims uniting for a cause. Hope we are heard..


  • Nasir Mahmood

    well said Bites85. I was just writing something similar. Where is the LUV in our community? When BBC or Sky pick this up as a nice little story from the Muslim world of Tech I’m sure you’ll be begging to comment on it. MUCH anger when you have to deal with thousands of spambots everyday anyways. Chill out dude…moderate if you have a MAJOR problem with it.



  • I’m not gonna moderate for one kid who spammed at my blog. Keep your suggestions to yourself guys, thank you. And bravo! for supporting spamming!

  • Bites85

    @ aLee i thought you would also write a follow up article,but you not even responded to my email which i wrote you 4 days back…well yeah its good to see all together… but you no what Google would never ever take a doodle from any user..they would rather make it there own..but shalwar kameez represents very big muslim community,its not the clothes…its just the essence..

  • Bites85

    The first logo is signifying universal brotherhood…hugging is a Muslim tradition…night shows that crescent is just seen and the two Muslims wish each other Eid…and the minaret shows the Eid prayer…Perfect for Eid-ul-Fitr i think…

  • aLee

    @Bites85 Which email jiger? I haven’t got any email from you or probably I missed it as SPAM. Are you talking about the long comment you posted on itsaLee? including various links and was posted on an irrelevant topic..  

    Plus Shalwar kameez is Pakistan’s national dress so it mainly focuses on Pakistanis, but again a good effort. And yeah, what about those cartoon characters, are they custom?

  • Bites85

    @aLee yeah i also left a long comment…from which you got to know about my this revolution…it is national dress,but if i would have got the arabic wearing long dress,then you would have said its for arabic i think its good..ya custom,and also remember Google believes in open source web !

  • Bites85

    @aLee dude u also forgot the ‘tm’ of google…!

  • aLee

    @Bites85 Nopes, I got to know about this from Xubair. I would have loved to share an article on this topic, but I thought I should go ahead and create a doodle myself. 

      Anyways, its good to know that those Cartoon Characters are custom.

  • aLee

    @Bites85 lol that was on purpose dude.. and I thought you were clever enough to understand why :)

  • aLee

    I can provide the logo with a white background if the OP needs, coz manually changing the background color has distorted the original image a bit.

  • Bites85

    @aLee ya i also left a comment to xubair,and he was kind enough to write it..cheers

  • Bites85

    aLee which logo distortion u talking about? whats OP?

  • Bites85

    @ aLee
    I thought u were trying to ad night effect..!

  • Nasirjumani

    I liked the second one….but all it will bring fruit when Google will actually put one of them on Eid day!

  • @ Alee, yes please send me logo with white background… sorry i had to play with it and that distorted the image (while i am not a designer at all).

  • aLee

    @Nasir I’m glad you like it, we are all toiling to get this under consideration.

    @Aamir You can find the one with a white background on

  • Bites85

    @aLee its still not the white bg.

  • Bites85

    Folks stumble the post please.

  • aLee

    @Bites85 it is honey, do u have your glasses on? ;)

  • Bites85

    @ aLee

    Oh u meant this..well i think the blue is quite dark..makes the letters dull. but it is good..

  • aLee

    @Bites85 :) Ctrl + F5 .. Aamir has updated the original post.

  • Bites85

    @aLee i have refreshed many times,its the same one. whats the difference?

  • Bites85

    @aLee ok man just leave it..its ok, its good

  • aLee

    @Bites85 yeh i know that :) actually it was stretched unnecessarily, but Aamir updated it.

  • Bites85

    @ aLee Ya looks good now. ;) gr8

  • Aijaz Ali Soomro

    Nice efforts by both designers, I think the first one better represents the Eid celebrating occasion. Well, this is a great initiative, I appreciate your efforts for this cause, Google may have hundreds of designers and it could come up with several stellar doodle designs.

    Certainly, this is a step forward towards mutual love and fraternity amongst people of different religions by sharing each other’s happiness. Google company should whole heartedly accept your proposals at once, and we hope so.

  • Khaled Barlass

    Imran Hussain,

    What an attitude, huh..go get some patience. If this wasn’t relevant on your blog, your are doing the same here…Spamming this thread.

  • Bites85

    @ Aijaz Ali Soomro Thanks for liking the logo.
    @ Khaled Barlass Thanks for supporting.

  • Ahmed Iqbal

    Very Nice Dear,

  • Bites85

    @ Ahmed Iqbal Thanks.

  • Ahmed Iqbal

    I have Done, maximum request’s on different Goolge Groups And E-mail.

  • Bites85

    @ Ahmed Iqbal Well thanks alot. My own blog is under process.Will compile all the articles and every thing there,with some new things..Keep checking these comments ok .

  • aLee

    I had a detailed chat with Badar Khushnood about my doodle proposal earlier today.

  • Bites85

    aLee Can u give me Mr.Badar’s id ?

  • aLee

    @Bites85 Badar khushnood also had a reply for your earlier post “Google is Biased”.. Ive written a detailed post about that on itsaLee. He also confirmed the two mascots used in your proposal are not an original content. And if you want, you can contact him through his linkedin profile.

  • Samz

    Good effort…how about if one is in jubba like arabs wear?

  • owACE

    Omfg! the first doodle is a pure copy paste thing from an e-card :D lol how can you guys steal so bluntly?

  • Mussy

    No muslim cartoons, muslims will all start burning flags… Dont do it google!

  • Bites85

    @ Khalid Ahme, Great man for your support…!

  • Wasim

    Join the cause on Facebook: “Ask Google for a Eid Doodle”

  • very good design of the doodle :D


    Nice work and this is real help to modernate Islam specially in these days.

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  • Someguy

    Have two suicide bombers, a hand granade and a good old AK 47 in the doodle.