Proposals for Eid Doodles

post by Bites85

After pointing out missing doodles for Muslim community, we got tremendous response from our readers and fellow bloggers; who have joined hands with us to raise voice over an issue that was neglected by Google so far!

Now it’s time to unveil the Eid-ul-Fitr Google Doodle. This Doodle is created by my friend Khayyam Shahzad, a designer from Awan Soft This is his way of contributing towards the cause. We thank him for his efforts. Below is the Doodle designed by him

There are other Doodle’s coming from fellow designers across the Muslim world, that shows the concerns of Muslim community for getting the header spot on Goole’s home page. Here is one of Doodle that is designed by aLee.

Meanwhile we have also sent these doodles to Mr. Badar Khusnood, Country Representative, Google, lets see if he considers it.

We want your all your support, on the issue and remember don’t forget to give your feedback by leaving a comment below!