Mobilink & Ufone Charging 5 percent Additional Charges for Services as well

Mobilink and Ufone quickly responded, like a rocket, to a move made by Telenor yesterday to charge additional 5 percent on all scratch cards and balance share reloads. We are missing Warid and Zong in this charges Gang.

So all Mobilink, Ufone and Telenor prepaid customers, don’t mind if you are deducted additional Rs. 5 when you load a Rs. 100 card. Now you guys will get Rs. 86 in you balance on Rs. 100 card reloads.

Update: Zong and Warid are also charging 5 percent on all card reloads and balance exchanges

Postpaid customers are currently spared from these service charges, but they must fasten their seat belts to absorb any shock in coming days, under the name of service charges (or say them over charges).

Hopefully cellular companies will not compete on these service charges. Apparently all cellular companies are following same rate (primarily set by Telenor, 5 percent), if not the case we may see hike in these service charges in coming months.

On a general note, Government should re-consider taxes on telecom services, in order to keep the growth intact. They must reduce taxes by at least 5 percent to compensate these so called service charges.

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  • chalo mehengae k es zamany mai ek our rocket b ger gea.
    ye tho hona he tha.
    hay ry qesmath…!
    Atta,Bejle,Gas…ye sab kuch tho mehnga tha he ab mobile walo ny b bejleya gerana shoro kar deye hai,
    Khuda khair kary

  • Its totally unnecessary.First GST increased to 21% and now this service charges.
    and also i am not satisfied with any of the mobile companies.They will display a big Attractive Ad to you and in the corner it will be very minutely written that ‘rules and regulations applied’.and they will charge you heavily once you activate that product.

  • اوہ ہان
    عاشق معشوق پیکج والے بیچارے تو مارے جایں گے۔
    ہماری تو آدھی آبادی ہی “یوتھ” پہ پوتمل ہے

  • This is a confirmed news. This additional 5% is going to Mr. 10 Percent (President of Pakistan).

    Lage Rahoooooooooooo…:)

    • @Kaka Manna, yes these 5% goes to 10 percent otherwise the licsence will be cancelled so the companies are not responsible for the increase but the public as they love this corrupt govt

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  • This is not 10% tax but is a Coalation adventure for the betterment of deaf and dumb masses of Pakistan led by the political adventurers of the land. Zindabad Bhen bhai now only Bhai Bhai and other dosts in coalition.

  • Dear All,

    Correspondence via email to TELENOR,MOBILINK,UFONE,ZONG,WARID & PTA PLUS FBR ..
    They’ve no legal justification,as law said only on recharge of card & easy load .. campanies can only charge from calls & sms, but they are charging as we get credited ..
    5% on card/easyload
    5% on balance sharing
    strange.. jungle ka qanoon hai bhai, aur zardari ka tax to khair sab ko pata hai MR 10% ;-)

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