Ufone Introduces Walkie Talkie (Push to Talk) Services

Ufone has been offering this service (for the first time in Pakistan) known as Push to Talk (PTT) or also called as Waklie Talkie. Before going into service details, let’s dig out what really this PTT service means?

What is Push to Talk Service?

PTT or Push to Talk is a feature similar to walkie-talkie that is provided over a cellular network. It means there is created a group of callers, who can connect to each other – their voice is broadcasted to whole of group members just like wireless handsets – and they don’t need to call again and again.. just press a single button and broadcast your message and release button to hear others.

In simple words, PTT is just like children playing with their Walkie Talkies.

How PTT or Ufone Walkie Talkie Works?

With Ufone Walkie Talkie service voice groups are created that can have up to 20 members. All these members of a certain group can communicate with each other through a data network (GPRS or EDGE) with always-on functionality.

Unfortunately not all mobile phones support PTT services. However, selected Nokia Mobile phones are equipped with Push to talk software. Once you have PTT feature in your handset, you can subscribe to Ufone’s Push to talk communication service.

Pushing a specific button on the mobile phone opens a voice channel to all selected participants of a group, whose phones will automatically play the caller’s voice through the phone loudspeaker – release the button and hear others talking back to you.


One to One calling: User can simply go to contact list and select a number and start talking to selected person.

Group Calling: User would be able to create groups and send invitations and talk to them simultaneously.

Public/ Open Groups If A party adds different members in a group then other members can also add more members in that group.

Private/ Secure Groups If A party adds different members in a group then other members cannot add more members in that group

Call Back Request If A party calls and B party is not online then A party can send a Call Back Request to the B party through PTT. This message will be saved into PTT inbox.

Speedy conversation Participants don’t have to answer the phone, as the speaker’s voice is automatically played through their phones’ loudspeakers

How to Subscribe?

SMS “sub” to 788. You will get SMS with different package options as per below replying with 1-4 following packages can be subscribed.

Service Charges

Package Name

Subscription Charges

Free Minutes Per Month

Rs. per minute

















SMS “Ptt” to 788 for information on remaining minutes.

Terms and conditions:

  • All Prepaid & Postpaid users, on all Packages, can avail Walkie Talkie service
  • In case of service barring (voice call), PTT service will also be discontinued. (Postpaid).
  • You can subscribe multiple packages simultaneously, e.g. if user subscribes a package on 10th September & after 5 days, subscribes for another package then his new balance will be added into previous one & expiry will also be refreshed till 15th Oct.
  • You can create 20 groups & each group can have 20 users.
  • In order to use this service, user must have Nokia handset with Push to talk feature.
  • User will be charged for both outgoing & incoming transactions

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  • UFone’s blackberry prepaid service has been suspended by PTA due to not obtaining noC from them. .
    they might refresh the service again once they get the matter in control . .they have been asked to withdraw the promotions in print and electronic media immediately. .

    is this actually going to lead to a complete ban eventually??

  • It seems right now operators are trying to launch services which have not been launched by any other operator in the country. So is the case with PTT with ufone. Knowing the limitations of this service most of which is the very few handsets that support PTT i doubt if this is actually a helpful service for the masses

  • its is great . but the problem is tht y they want cahrges on the behalf of this walkie talkie service. in europe and middle east their is also a provided this service but they did not want any charges from their customers. i visted last few month back in UAE. they have a low quality mobile network who is working. they also provide this service.but they did not take any charges even they r just a local and low value company,and ufone is the best quality service.they shame on u ./

  • ufone is a very good moble network company in PaKistan. And Ufone is more better than other mobiles networks companise of PaKistan. Thats y it is said

    tum hi to ho

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