Few Ordinary Broadband Service Providers in Pakistan

Let’s welcome Mohammad Ali Raza, who has joined ProPakistani as a writer. Ali is a security expert, and keenly eyes and manages security for countless web applications for Europian and US companies.

These days, I am facing tons of troubles, like many of you, while using internet. This is due to the reason that my broadband service provider, including other very well reputed ISPs (Internet Service Provider) are not doing there jobs like they are supposed to offer quality and in-expensive service and freedom.
By freedom I mean these ISPs block various ports, hence people like me who frequently use port forwarding face issues.

When your internet goes down, you normally call them – and they come up with same story “Sir we are working on the issue or we are upgrading our system” etc, I suppose they lie on this!
Problem with these type service providers is that they don’t have good man power – they don’t pay good salaries to their employees and eventually their customers suffer.

Some months back my broadband service provider was down when I had suggested them cleanup their virus, on which they replied “Sir we have experts, who are working on this” – and you will be amazed to know that they we saw internet blackout for 2 week before their debugged the issue. This service provider was Fariya, well known service provider in Gulshan area Karachi. This issue was caused by a worm that attacked Domain Name System (DNS) configuration. I have seen other service providers like CITY, WCN, Multi-Net etc, facing same worm attack, and they too remained down for good amount of time.

Small service provider are good and in-expensive then bigger ones out there, they ask you less but give you freedom to do what ever you want like they don’t block torrents p2p other applications and some sites, I didn’t mean about porn here like big companies have porn filter but my 14 years brother can bypass those poor filter which cost broadband people a lot of $$$.

  • Abdussamad

    Just a few things I’d like to add to this. In Pakistan people who run computer shops don’t really use computers that much. Similarly people who run Internet service providers don’t use the Internet themselves. That is why they:

    A) don’t take Internet access disruptions seriously. They won’t believe you if you tell them you have an online business and that you are loosing money because of service disruptions.

    B) don’t take Internet communication, including websites and email, seriously. If you email them they won’t reply. They don’t update their websites with the latest news about their operations. That is if they even have a website.

  • Muhammad Wasim

    I had this experience with Link Dot Net. I had paid my bill, and even then they blocked my account. Earlier on i thought its routine downtime, but after 1 hour or so i started getting curious to know what the situation is.

    Called LDN, and asked the matter, on which they said your account is blocked due to non-payment. I straight away told them invoice number and other billing info, and imagine what the response was

    “Sir our sales department has been closed now, your account will be activated by tomorrow 10 AM” lol i was like feeling funny, that how easy they take their customers.

    I had to speak with multiple CSRs before they connected me to their Team Lead, who at least realized that i don’t chat on their DSL and i do WORK – and their DSL means business to me not as a fun thing.

    In short, they took 4 hours in restoring my account, thanks God they didn’t take 24 hours as they had communicated earlier.

  • o man i use link.net
    and they really suck
    at link of 512 i rarely get 280+
    in the night from 2-6am the speed i upto the mark
    and whenever i call them and ask about issue they say
    – clear your internet cache
    – repair your network card
    – restart in safemode with networking
    – bla bla bla
    shit shit shit service from LDN since very first day
    INTERNET was installed at my place 46 days later after i requested and paid
    after that, a month it didn’t get functional
    and i was billed from the very first day

    • ahsan

      lolz same story