Unlocked 3G iPhone in Pakistan and its Price

Apple i-Phone 3G 8GB

Price: Rs. 50,000

Apple i-Phone 3G 16GB

Price: Rs. 58,000

Prices last updated on March 30, 2009

We have discussed before that 3G iPhone is available in Pakistan, with few evidences, but this post will go online with a proof of availability and its exact pricing details.

Thanks to a subscriber, who posted this update at WCCFtech with pictures, to actually confirm the price and location from where he got this 3G iPhone 8GB.

This 3G iPhone (8 GB) is purchased from Hafeez Center, Lahore. And its price is as following

3G iPhone = Rs. 58,000
Turbo SIM = Rs. 1,000

Total = Rs. 59,000

Turbo SIM is used to unlock it, so to total package is going to cost you Rs. 59,000.

The Bill Says:

N95 new casing: Rs. 1,300
Apple Iphone 3G (8GB): Rs. 58,000
Telenor Sim: Rs. 600
Turbo (Power) Sim: Rs. 1,000
iPhone pouch: Rs. 600
Total: Rs. 60,900

Where to Buy Unlocked 3G iPhone in Pakistan?

Well there are plenty of options now for unlocked 3G iPhone, i am narrating few here, but you can go and check your local market for best rates

Here are few refrences

Panorama Computers (They sell 3G iPhone at Rs. 68,000)
41-42 LG, Hafeez Centre, Main Boulevard,
Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan.
Phone: 042-5714787-5714788
Fax: 042-5714329


You can buy online 3G iPhone from Shophive, they have set 3G iPhone 8GB price at Rs. 54,990

“Mobile Shop”
20-G, Hafeez Centre,
Main Boulevard,
Gulberg, Lahore

This Mobile Shop is reportedly selling iPhone 3G 8GB @ Rs. 45,000 (Thanks Saad Mubarak)

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Turbo Sim basically using to unlock hte mobile phone. Sim can make your iPhone 3G in 2.2 & 2.2.1 Ver. in totally perfect functioned. Or in simple words Turbo Sim basically fools the iPhone system.

  • ok tell me if i get an iphone from abroad what will be the procedure to make it functional and use in pakistan that is how much it will cost me after having device in hand?

    • Just download itunes from apple site ant open http://www.blackra1n.com
      when its opened click on window sighn given on bottom of that page and then save
      again a window will appear again save it
      then a windoww will appear showing make it ra1n now plug ur iphone with pc and click in window :make it ra1n:
      the phone will reboot and will work in pakistan.

  • iphone 3g cost 199$ from every where + unlocking that is not hard part. Like i have done this for a friend just a deal @ pizza hut :D just search around on internet you will find ways to break their so-called security.

    • i want an i phone for nearly 26000rs frm dubai. will i get it in this much amount? nd how to unlock it nd wat is da cost of unlocking it? is unlocking 100% trustworthy? plz reply i m going on 9th july to dubai. how much will 2g cost nd how much will 3 g 8gb cost? plz reply all my questions.

      • dear friend,
        if you like to purchase i phone from Dubai please contact me no i have already in dubai but heare are also expencive if you find any cheep i phone lock so i will solve yr problem 100% AND UNLOCK YR I PHONE VERY CHEEP RATE BECAUSE WE HAVE AN OFFICIAL SUPPORT PROVIDE IN PAKISTAN.
        CONTACT [email protected]

      • there is no iphone for 199$ .. not even in canada or usa.. all phones for 199$ are like that you have to pay 199$ on 3 year contract meANS. you are hooked ina contract. and to geta contract you have to show many things like your lisence bank account etc.so dont blv if any 1 says he got iphone for 199$ 2ndly if you want your iphone to be unlocked call me at 0345 3534661

  • Hi
    I bought an iPhone 3G yesterday from hafeez center for 45,000 brand new with all the the original stuff, powersim and pouch. I have been looking for an iPhone for almost an year and finally yesterday my quest ended. All i can say now is that its WORTH it!

    Saad Mubarak

    • @Saad Mubarak, A.o.A Saad Bhai,
      I like very much 3G iphone. So can you tell me where can i found the lowest price of 3G iphone.
      reply me as soon as you can

    • Hi,

      If any one needs Iphone 3G 16G unlock with apple warranty (new brand) I can give you guys for 65,000, I am coming to Pakistan in February and can also jailbreak and unlock the Iphone with 2.2 firmware. If anyone requires Iphone contact me at [email protected] by February 10th 09 and a deposit will be required.

  • i am happy with my nokia 1650 and for elite stuff i have nokia n810 and trust me iphone even not in my list and i cant compare it with n810 :)


    NOTE: The New Apple 3G Iphone (Launched 11th JulY 2008) Now Available For Sale @ Cost $300Usd (Only)


    [email protected]

    [email protected]


    checkout some of our products/prices.

    Vertu Ascent cost…$900usd.

    Nokia N95 cost…. $250usd
    Nokia E90 cost…. $330usd

    Apple iphone 16gb cost….. $400usd
    Apple iphone 8gb cost……$300usd
    Apple iphone 4gb cost……$250usd

    sony vaio laptops cost…… $800usd

    And many other brands/model of laptops/cellphones.

  • salam
    me azhar from okara my mobile phone shut down due to fell in water
    i vhecked it united mobile they say its not repairable plese tell me where i can repair it
    phone model k550i sonyericsson


  • Hello people,

    Some of the comments were interesting and useful while some were totally useless to be read : ) Anyways, I think i have ended up with one of the results if you are really looking forward to buy a cheaper Iphone. I just need a litte confirmation on that, so i will share what i believe is true. Well if you want to buy iphone 3G, do not buy from pakistan. Buy it from abroad, may be USA or UK. It will cost approximately 30,000 rs maximum or may be less. These phones are like bought in contract with AT&T or other networks. You bring the phone to pakistan and just get the POWER SIM to use it the way you want. SIMPLE??? saves you alot i think. I am just confirming the buying thing that in which contract package it should be bought hence it can be used with power sim here! hope some one can comment something useful. Regards

    • Hi Marty,

      You are right iphones are bought on contract but they are locked and but to buy a new unlock iphone its cost 800-950 USD.

    • Hi, Marty,

      Nice info,,i just want to know that someone is sending me a gift iphone from US,,is the phone will work properly in pakistan,,OR will i face some difficulty regarding UNLOCKING????

      Waiting for ur reply…


  • Hi, yaar could u please advise me on the availibility of blackberry storm in Pakistan and about its price and from where to bye it and also how to unlock it in pakistan. i have telenor number

    • @zaib, thanx yaar zaib but i think this stuff worth any price and kindly if u have any information please inform me of about it. k

  • Hi.i bought new iphone 3G.can u tell me the right or reliable shop in Karachi..where i could unlocked it…
    reply plz..as soon as possible.

    plz reply on my hotmail id…

  • Hi all,
    All of your problems have been sold. There is a new shop opening soon in BIGCITY PLAZA liberty market where you can get iphones, iphone accessories, car accessories, google phones, blackberry phones. etc. this would be a complete store also catering to your software and unlocking issues of iphones and computer software problems.
    currently they are decorating the shop and operating from office located in same plaza.
    for more information u can email at [email protected] or call at 0331-4244253

    • mate i gt 2 iphones 3GS 32GB brand new only costom checks thats it if ani 1 intrested then reply on my email or cell i m from rawalpindi my cell no 03009555294

  • Hello all ,
    I am in california near the headquarters of Apple . i would like to make it clear that iphones are being sold here in USA with ATT contract (2yrs) or with out contract for around$700 to $1000 per peice . Now , there is a software that anyone can install in the comoputer and follow the instructions, that will unclock the iphone 3g or 2 g depending on your model and needs. I am not sure why one would buy a 3g iphone when there is no network in pakistan that can support a 3g technology . if there is please let me know . Now coming back to the point , the reason why the iphones 3gs are expensive is obvious , there is not much available in the market , and it is brand new in the market .
    Even a person like me , that buys and sells electronics has hard time finding these bad ass phones. So, what are you left with is that you have to pay a hefty price for that iphne .
    I am looking at some peoples posts here and they claim that they have the brand new one , so for your information let me tell you. The iphone that you are getting is most probabbly a refurbished one .
    If you have any questions , please let me know and i will be happy to answer the questions , and yes i have people in pakistan that can see you iphones at cheaper price than the stores in Lahore to be sopecific . [email protected]

  • Well Guys I have 3 Brand New Unlock Iphones 3G for Rupees 65,000 each, If any one wants it let me know by February 10, 09, I already have a long que asking for Iphones. They are not refurbished, all new with original accessories in a box. If you decide to buy a deposit of 5000 will be required, I am not a fraud or scam I have cousins in Lahore you guys can meet them and get satisfaction and anyone in Karachi or Hyderabad contact my brother. I am from Hyderabad in living in Canada, coming to Pakistan on 23 Feb 09.

  • for unlocking there is already free Version lunch on date of 31, Dec 2008 can Unlocked firmware up to 2.2 and it is very simple any one those have knowledge about computer they can unlocked.

    This public massage for education base not for professional use.

    • @nadeem,
      Hi Nadeem:

      How old is your Iphone. Must see before giving an offer. I am in Karachi. How much warranty left?

  • in america it costs 199 USD … if v convert them to PKR then its about 16000 PKR …. so can v buy it in america nbring it to pakistan 4 use

  • Assalamoalikum everyone,
    I got an iphone 3g 8GB “Factory Unlocked” from New Zealand, i.e. with a lot of waiting, and research. I didn’t want a phone where I would be worried about when to upgrade and what possible problems would I face and all that…. Anyway to my horror i found that there was no search facility for words within the website I am browsing and same goes for searching within webpages. It is otherwise a nice phone. However since that is the major functionality I need, and it is not available, I am trying to sell it now. It is a second hand “hardly used (maybe for 4-5 days). I also purchased some softwares for it’s GPS which works great. Anyway I am trying to sell it for 60K. Am in Islamabad. If anyone is interested, let me know at 0300-9541888. Only interested buyers call as I am in no mood for negotiations of price…..etc…
    I have packed the phone back in its box and am trying to order a protective covering from it for outside. I figured if I can’t sell it in near future, then might as well use it and sell later (say a few months time) for 5-10k less than price right now.


  • ME GOT MINE IPHONE 2G for 23,000 PKR.



    • ok go youtube.com and search how to unlock iphone 2g or 3g 0r 3gs he get u no everything soo iz not hade to unloch iphone.
      i buy one and i no how unlock iphone soo i do it more inf call

  • hi friends
    i have iphone 3G 8GB In black Color
    i have unlock it & i have use it only 1 month & now i have desid to sale it & buy new iphone 3g 16GB in white color so if any intrested to buy it so u can contact with me at 0308 6119895 i live in pakistan sialkot
    Demand 50 thousend
    condation Just like Brand New phone its trouth

    CONTACT MR. MUJTABA ON 0307-2123003, 0333-3306234

  • iphone 3g is unlock able if you do not upgrade your baseband version to 02.30.03 through itunes.Once you update your iphone firmware and baseband version their is no downgrade for baseband 02.30.03.You can downgrade your firmware but not possible for baseband.So you need to use rebelsim or turbosim to unlock the iphone.I am not sure about turbosim to unlock latest iphone baseband 02.30.03.But i assure you that rebelsim is working fine because i am using Rebelsim to unlock my 3G iphone with baseband 02.30.03 and its working fine.I am selling my Iphone 3G 16Gb with rebelsim just in 55000PKR.If any one interesting to buy contact me @ 0313-4280558 & 0333-4280558.

  • I am having 3G Iphone 8 Gb unlocked, want to sell it nw(dhamaka Offer), if sum one is intersted thn feel free to contact.
    Price : 38000-/Rs only (not negotaiable)

    Email: [email protected]

  • the screen is 120£ im uk based i have large quantity in mobile phones used and new i have all popular handset genuine parts 0044 7754562722 for more info

  • I found very intresting that some people talking about Unlocking , well guys there is no magic trick to unlock iphone , i mean you do not need any of Dongle , Flasher etc..
    Yesterday Iphone Released new 3.0 version for Iphone , don’t worry this software will work on all versions …

    Follow the instructions …

    Download this software called Ziphone


    and Watch this video




    any questions sms me 0313-4526259

    I m also looking for an iphone 2g or 3g does’t matter , anyone wanna sale sms me ….. Allah hafiz

  • Hi Every One
    i Want to Sale my House in Rawalpindi
    its measuring Area is 7 Marlas
    House Address is :- House # G-377 Street # 3 DAV College Road Rawalpindi
    Demand is 8000000 Eighty Lac
    if any person interested pls contact on my cell #

  • aslaam i have an i phone for sale 3g 8gb in good used condition, i am in rawalpindi on the 11th April, it will need unlocking price for sale 28000 rupees contact me on [email protected] for more info thanks

  • If anyone with a paypal account with confirm address wants iphone email me at [email protected]
    i can get you unlocked iphone 3g in new condition for $550. or unlocked 2g used in good condtion for 400 plus shipping. I will only ship to paypal confirmed address.
    Thank you

  • New Iphone Touch Panel Costs 14,000 and LCD isn’t broken , its the Touch Panel which seems like LCD ..

    If anybody don’t know where to buy it in Lahore contact me 0313-4526259

  • well i’ve red many of your comments, well it will be much better if you’ll not jailbreak your iphone because now apple gonna update there software in the end of june. the better way to use your iphone is to get a rebel simcard, i have a iphone but its locked and i use both ways, and if any body wants to buy iphone3g visit this .http://www.ishop24.ee/new/category.php?id_category=5

    this way you guys can have an idea how much it realy cost without contract,and you can convert the currency rates as well.

    • Thanks for replying … well Hille we can not have a contract With AT&T here in Pakistan .. we don’t even have 3g facility . Iphone is greatest invention of this century , That is why we are loving it ..

      If you know where Rabel is available in pakistan plz tell me , i have iphone 3g FW 3.0 B2 modem firmware 4.22.01 ..

      I’ll be waiting for you reply ..

      • well, vicky i know that in pakistan they don’t have at&T, WELL WE HAVE HERE IS EMT, and for the connection i have to pay every month 50 euros, mostly i use my iphone3g and i pod touch through WIFI internet, and before we didn’t had app store also so made made an american account to download apps. well in pakistan u can’t get reble sim here it cost 45 euros with package from where u can download apps also if u want i can send it to you if u have a paypal account.and here is the website also u can check the prices off iphone also http://www.ishop24.ee hope you will like it.best regards. hille

        • Thats very helping , Fortunately i found Rebal sim here for only 700 Rupee its less then 7 euro …

          Anyway thanks for your help .

          • thats very good but from where did u find it, from hafiz center or where, and how long is the warrenty?if its that cheap then i would like to buy few. i’ll be very thank full if u will let me know.

          • thats very good but from where did u find it, from hafiz center or where, and how long is the warrenty?if its that cheap then i would like to buy few. i’ll be very thank full if u will let me know.and tell me also how dose it works when u switch towers,dose it works properly or dose it drop signal?

  • hey guyz i want a white 3g second hand plz tell me if anyone here knows! ty:) contact no.03018410077

  • Hiii … I can sell u Iphone 3G 16GB with the price of 50,000 Do let me know if anyone needs that brand new but costom will open it to check thats it

  • Hey

    I am coming to pakistan with 10 iphone 3G 16GB with turbosims for only 60000rs. Let me know if anybody else need but remember you need to pay me within a week so that i can collect one for you as well! let me know on [email protected] if you need one

  • let me know if you need a iphone. comming from usa with 10 3g 16 iphone with turbosim. but u need to pay me first

  • hello guys…i have read few replies and i found out dat people are ready to spend so much on iphone 3G, which to me is absurd.in Pakistan we don’t have a 3G network yet, so whats the point in buying an expensive iphone 3G ??? i used iphone 2G which my uncle brought from US for juss $150,and i unlocked/jailbroked it my self.its v simple to jailbreak an iphone.if ur smart like me you’ll unlock it ur self instead of giving away 1 0r 2 thousands to unlock it..

  • Check these things before u buy an iphone
    1: iphone should have baseband 2.28.0.To check the baseband go to settings >> general >> about.If iphone has BB 2.30.0 or higher then u need to do the following.
    2: if iphone doesnt has BB 2.28.0 then it should have bootloader 5.08(5.8). U can’t check the version from setting.

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