Ufone Makes its Helpline Calls More Complex

Ufone has changed the way its subscribers connect to CSRs while calling their help lines. Previously they had to

  1. Call 333
  2. Dial 1 for Urdu and 2 for English
  3. Subscribers could dial 0 to connect to CSR

Now Ufone has changed this menu, and there are only three options available at main menu while there is no short code from main menu for connecting to CSR. (for both Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Costumers). One of their CSR has confirmed this.

Now the Menu is

  • Call 333
  • Dial 1 for Urdu or 2 for English
  • Dial 1 for Promotions, 2 for new services and 3 for account information
  • Dial 1 and select “Promotions”
  • Now you can dial 0 to connect to operator (CSR)

So next time you call Ufone helpline, don’t get shocked in case you don’t find any option for operator.

I am unable to comprehend why this operator’s short code comes under promotion menu? Just to make this IVR more complex – hence less load on their work force? Maybe with this move, Ufone wants to justify 5 percent service charges they recently imposed on all services.

In parallel, just check out this Telenor IVR map (published on their website), which clearly indicates all available options when you call their helpline.

By the way, selected cellular companies charge their customers for calling their helplines. Given that cellular companies rely on deceptive marketing, and less people have internet access to check out detailed information on their websites, these service numbers should be kept free of any charge. But if customers are paying for these calls too, then they must be offered with quality help and services.

Check out Babar Bhatti’s this post for more Telenor’s IVR.

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