Cellular Subscribers Cross 90 Million Mark – Mobilink still falling

The Mobile Phone subscribers’ base in Pakistan has crossed 90 million mark as 640,624 subscribers were added in September 2008 at the monthly growth rate of 0.7 percent, which is slightly better than of August 2008.

Latest stats made public by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for the month of September 2008, concludes that total number of subscribers in the country have reached 90.2 million mark, despite10.5 million blocked unregistered numbers – while mobile density now stands at 55.9 percent.

Following graph shows net addition/subtraction in customers for each cellular company.

Mobilink’s subscriber base continued its decline and fell to 31.35 million, resulting in a fall in market share to 34.8 percent. In contrast, Zong once again scored top position by adding 289,418 customers. Warid and Ufone remained very closed and added 213,219 and 209,891 customers respectively. Telenor added 156,268 customers in month of September 2008.

Mobilink continues to occupy the top slot with a market share of 34.8 percent, followed by Ufone (20.8 percent), Telenor (20.5 percent), Warid (17.9 percent) and Zong (5.6 percent).

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