Mobilink Infinity WiMAX Operations Commercially Launched in Karachi

Mobilink Infinity has commercially launched its WiMAX operations today (October 22, 2008), starting with Karachi. Its website is LIVE and says that they are offering services in Karachi only. covering only one city is not what Orascom is famous for. I am personally not convinced with their launch in only Karachi.


Mobilink revised their tariff from what they offered initially at soft launch. Major difference is that now download is capped at 5 GB a month or 15 GB a month (Previously it was unlimited). Also rates are taken little higher than of previous ones.

Soft Launch special rates were

256 kbps Unlimited:  Rs. 799
512 kbps Unlimited:  Rs. 999
1024 kbps Unlimited:  Rs. 1199

(Thanks to Saad Ibrahim and Mudassar Ijaz for pointing out these rates)

Monthly rates seems good, but there is somethng very annoying at the bottom, the upfront payment of Rs. 10,000 which is too much i guess for home users (Security deposit of Rs. 2,000 is refundable though). From market feedback Mobilink Infinity has decided to cut short the upfront payment. Now its only Rs. 6.000.

When compared with Wateen, Monthly rental are good but Voice and Data packages are mandatory as of Wateen – Meaning that you must subscribe to voice as well as data package with Mobilink Infinity. It is like thrusting voice package, as not many will be interested in Voice (as per estimations).

Apart from pricing, services, response time, customer support, reliability and network uptime are other features that would come under consideration in the long run.

Want to Subscribe to Mobilink Infinity?

  • Call their helpline at: 021-111-300-369, and register with them
  • Or fill out this form at Mobilink’s Infinity website

Updates to come in coming days regaring service feedback

For Service review during Soft Launch: Click Here

For Mobilink Infinity Network history: Click here

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  • no man, these packages are not attractive
    moreover no guaranted service as mobilink group is already famous for bad services and high rates

  • They rip me off , I was given soft launch account on the promise that it will be unlimited now they are asking Rs 30 / 100mb or Rs 307.2 per GB , my usage is around 45gb a month so I’ll end up paying Rs 1500 for 15gb then Rs 9216 for the rest total 10000 per month , I’m beter off with the line based DSL . Hello Link DOt NEt please take me back

    • @Farhan, ahhh sad. Didnt you get written agreement stating that data capacity will be unlimited? Or remind them of the promise…

      Yea, LinkDotNet is better in such scenario…!

  • the papers I’ve signed including the agreement has no mention of data to be charged neither any mention of unlimited data , I’ve talked to their customer service including those who have told me about unlimited service and got the lame excuse that it was a new service and we dpn’t know anything about it then . Anyways I have launched my complain and awaiting the answer

  • “Tariffs are almost identical as they were at Soft Launch, so there is nothing much to add as far as tariff is concerned”

    I disagree with that part. the biggest difference is with CAPs the introductory packages were unlimited and the price were lesser too
    if i remember correctly the packages were like this:
    256 kbps Rs. 799
    512 kbps Rs. 999
    1024 kbps Rs. 1199
    and they were all unlimited, apart from that Mobilink infinity to Mobilink GSM calls were free.

  • It is really annoying :-(
    I am planning to return the device withng a month coz it is toooo much!
    What are U saying “NOthing much add in tariff” buddy they applied a CAP the tariff gone up autometically for extensive users!
    I just called the marketing guy whome I bought my connection and he is insisting to meet tonight..
    Lets See whats happened.. But Im going to return the very LIMITED “INFINITY”
    There is No signals after the launch! The device is not in not connected since last night :-(
    Thanks MOBILINK for the pleasure and the agony!

  • hi guys i noticed a bit different tariffs on there website like:

    1 – 2 Cap packages of 15 GB n 5 GB.
    2 – INSTALLATION / UPFRONT COST (Rs.) is only mentioned as 6000/-

    is it just to fool the customer or they have reviewed the rates?

    I am using Wateen Wimax in Lahore and is little above average and not that bad, looking forward for a healthy competition in this area too.

  • As-salam-o-alaikum all,

    Unfortunately i installed the Mobilink Infinity 1 Mbps connection on 09th October 2008 and from 17th October 2008 till today 24th October 2008 my connection have been online for just 24 hours seriously not joking. I am totally pissed off by their so called best customer service, they just repeat every time that we are taking that issue personally and will make it good on priority basis,

    Yesterday morning at 12:30 pm a person called from mobilink infinity and said i have put your complaint on hig priority and your connection will be OK this evening and i will send my senior staff to resolve this matter out, but their higher priority didn’t meet till now as its 32 hours now, so you can imagine how the service is at the moment. And today their customer service is also down, and there is an engage tone when i am calling.

    I think i am not the only one effected by that bad service, hopefully we will see many bad experiences from them.

    Abdul Majid

  • I also subsricb sale person told me that servise is remain unlimited and they may charge bit higher but they provide you unlimited serveris now they doing same as wateen, all there marketing are lie base i hate that company.

  • They cheat their customers by calling the package “infinity”. Thier service center representatives told me that when service is commercially launched data package will remain unlimited but voice package has different charges. now they applied the data caps

  • @ Adeel , I did got a call yesterday inquiring about y I want to disconnect , and upon hearing Tariff problem ( I never had any service problem except some occasional out of syncs) he said well it had been 2 months for your instalation so you’ll get only 50 % for CPE and your Sd back around 5000 a loss of 3 K I agreed , my LDN is on and kicking ass and till afternoon Infinity was also active my kids are having fun using both connections on their PSP and laptop :)

    excerpt from my blog
    2 months ago Mobilink offered me Infinity like many of their corporate clients with the promise of unlimited downloads for only Rs 1200 /mth for 1mb line , I was suckered into the offer and disconnected my trusty Link Dot Net the 2 mths were bliss until today when I read on their website that they will charge Rs 1500 for 15gb monthly use plus Rs 30/mb ,now I’m a power user with some 45gb a month usage and this pricing mean I’ll end up paying Rs 11000 a month a scary sum for me so right now i did the only best thing to cur my losses called Infinity at 369 got my account canclled at a loss of Rs 3000/- against my actual sum of Rs 8000 and paid remaining Rs 4000 to restore my link dot net
    So it will be LDN from now on bye bye Infinity
    a promise for infinite downloads shattered in 2 months that’s Mobilink Infinity

  • I am using Mobilink Infiniti wimax service since a month as a pre-launch customer and i do not recommend this service to those who would like much downloading as they have fixed the bandwidth meter to 15 G on 1 MB connection and i realize that i already buy their CPE which cost me 8 K and actually it was 6 K Now. Also at night it down to 30-50% of it’s performance. There are certain NAT addressing issues so different sites are blocking the traffic coming from mobilink infiniti. Ya they also promise me for unlimited download but after launch they refuse and i am sure nobody will buy 12000 Rs CPE charges, they can’t increase CPE charges, otherwise only stupid will buy their services as mobilink is very famous for hidden charges.

  • Thanks god i’m not the one to get in their trap ………… now i can safely have the landline broadband …………. any sick person can only get this limited “infinity” ………… mobilink always give wrong information to its customers

  • I need only Internet not Voice service(even i dont know wht is this voice service for and how to use it)..cant i detach??I dont c any fatality in package,still in standard mode..:)

  • With Healthy competition between Wateen & Infinity will bring service stability & afforable price. So end of the day, user would enjoy the benefits. We should welcome the new technology on board.

  • bull shitt pakeges Based only on company profit(Unlimetted pakeges
    are pest for your company otherwise you know brtter than me)ok bye best of luck

  • thanks for nice info..
    I have a question .
    I am the user of wateen wimax , Can I use the wateen indoor device for Mobilnkinfinity wimax , If I’ve to get connection from Moblink infinity ?

    • @moonlightafridi, technically yes you can use wateen device witi Mobilink Infinity, but you better make sure from Mobilink help line. Or i will update you once i check it.

  • Wateen is the first organization to launch WiMAX on a nationwide scale. unfortunately it faced a lot of problems in the beginning and also made big blunders…but on the brighter sides of things, the services are quire stable now. there is always room for improvement and Wateen is working on it. Besides, Wateen will soon be launching its DSL services in major cities of Pakistan. the timing is bit of strange but an idealistic opportunity to have an alternative to WiMAX. no other company will be having both WiMAX and DSL. Great! mobilink infiniti on the other hand also had a shaky start and rightly so. they were cautious in launching their product after observing Wateen’s initial blunders but ultimately they will face and are already facing the same problems which Wateen faced. In Karachi it is already a misery. In Lahore because the network is still fresh, there is little congestion..but as time progresses, this is going to become a big mess and to clean it up will not be an easy thing to do.

  • Hi, This is Madiha, working as a Business Development Officer for Mobilink Infinity.
    Give me a call for information and queries regardaing Mobilink Infinity at 0302 8288185
    We have revised our tariff and the lowest package is for Rs 550 per month (450+100)
    The current initial cost is as follows:
    CPE Cost Rs. 3500
    Security deposit for 5GB= Rs.2000
    Security deposit for 15GB= Rs.2500

    This makes total Initial cost to be Rs.5500 for 5GB Connections and Rs.6000 for 15 GB Connections.

    Security Deposit can be waived off in a number of conditions. Do contact me for queries regarding security waiver as well.

  • why to pay 5500 for infinity connection as other options like wateen in 2500 for 1Mbps Unlimited inluding CPE & services both. Infinity seems to be small sinking titanic after major change in their management structure & departure of their core experienced team. LDn merger was another stupid decision which was already in huge debts. I hope they are realizing this wrong decisions now as wateen & ptcl are taking full advantage of these weaknesses of infinity and growing like a big giant in internet industry.

  • Obviously the faltering economy is on a lot of minds and is directly affecting many people. ,

  • Mobilink Infinty latest promotion for 256K users.
    They are giving free 30days trial for 256K user to upgrade there package to 512K or 1Mb. free of charge.

    After 30 days you can revert back to your 256 package. Avail this free offer and enjoy 1MB 15GB for free.

    Mobilink infinity Helpline 111-300-369

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