Breaking: Free Calls Due to Server Error on Zong

We have been notified by our readers (self tested as well) that there is a server crash on Zong’s end – hence Zong users are making free calls to any number, yes international numbers too, for free…!

We have notified Zong’s administration about this. Hopefully issue will get resolved soon.

Meanwhile you can enjoy free calls… but make sure that you have no balance in your SIM to avoid balance drop, as this error will get rectified any time.

Update: Issue has been rectified, and lucky Zong Users made free calls during past 50 minutes.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Its really sad to hear about how our people try to take advantage of such occassions.

    Have you ever heard of an incident when someone in your neighbourhood forgot to shut one of their windows on their way out and then after a while another neighbour starts shouting all over the street inviting everybody to come take advantage and STEAL caz the other person accidentally left a window in his house open.

    Damn man, I feel ashamed of why we attach ourselves to Islam and all the good things when somebody disses Islam. But our society is full of hypocrites. People with double standards and two faces.

    If you enjoyed the free illegal calls on zong today, and you think you’re a good Muslim or for that matter, even a good human being. Think again! self analysis is the first step to a civilized society.

    – AbbasJin

  • Wasim :P I knew about it right when it got public. My cousin called me to get some relatives number from me. after that he told me zong servers had issues and everybody was making free calls.

    But thanks God I use my own cash to get balance to make calls when needed. So never need to make illegal calls for free.

    P.S. I’m a Zong subscriber.

  • Its really amazing how this kind of news propagates through so quickly, i am sure the problem was for a little while and it seems like everybody had known about it. Poor Zong fellows must have incured huge losses :-)

  • yar yeh sirf zong ki free calls ki baat ho rahi hai abbas bhai …. itni si baat par aap islam ko lay aayn hain …aur jo pooray pakistan main ho raha hai us k liye jaa kar blame karain jisko karna hai …na k yahan zong ki free calls par islam ko andar ghaseetain…jaa kar yehi time un logo par istimaal karain jo islam ko badnaam karnay main lagain hain…yahan blogs parhnay main apna time zaaya kar rahay hain aap..apko kisi tableegh main jaana chahiye aur jaa kar sab say pehlay un logo ko rokna chahiye…

  • hi……..guies is site pe jo app apne apne comment’s pass kr rhay hai un ka kia faida ……agar app k pass free balance hasil kr ki ability hai to app share krain warna apne fazool comment’s pass na karain plz.agar koi bta skta hai ke kaisay free balance hasil ia jaye to plz 03136187055 pe msg kr ke bta dain

  • its nice to know that there are still ppl in our country that think taking advantage of such appourtunity is considered a sin . i wish we as a country could realize this and unite to make pakistan a better place but i am optamistic and hoping for the best May ALlah bless Pakistan and its ppl

  • ary bhai zong main free net k say chale ga kisi ki bhi trick kaam nahi kar rahi bataooooooooo naaaaaaaaa yaar

  • yar when these bloody compnies are being looted us it was right hummm?
    these cmpnis even drop our credit they often miss charge us.
    this typ of server issues should b bounce up to minimize the lose which they provide us i appriciate this.
    may ALLAH keep this always to save our money and next time give me achance to avail it…………………………………………

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