This Website Has Thousands of Pakistani Girls’ Mobile Numbers – damn!

Before I start, let me say sorry to those who will get hurt by this post!

Earning Money through websites is a hot topic these days. And it is so good that people in Pakistan are realizing the power of Internet. There are very many successful examples around us, very young guys like Saad Hamid and Haris Nadeem, who are earning thousands of dollars a month from their websites. And I am sure there would be many others too; but i know only two of them. These teens actually get revenues from ads they publish on their websites, which contain rich and useful content.

But unfortunately, there is a pool of people who are using this power for internet for bad means. Yea, porn websites owners come in this category too but they are not going to harm you unless you don’t visit their websites.

This website, called is even worst – I was shocked to see how they are spreading mobile number of girls. There is a simple submission form on this website… you can enter name and phone number and press submit and this number will get published. I believe this 4 months old website has thousands of such mobile numbers of girls.

I believe (I can be wrong here as well, but) there won’t be more than 1 percent girls in our society who would voluntarily want their numbers to be displayed on such a website. The question is then how come there are thousands of numbers available on this website?

There can be couple of chances

  • Website owner collects these numbers from various sources and put them online
  • Website visitors post numbers of their ex-girlfriends or of those whom they want to tease
  • (There are very little chances though) Mobile numbers of these girls are fake, and are randomly generated

There is a privacy policy on the website, to actually prove Webster innocent, but just imagine how this website can make the lives of innocent girls miserable, against just few hundred dollars a month (through adsense).

There is no contact number given on website, but domain name WHOIS gave me following information

Akbar Intl.
Akbar Mirza
B-77, Khayban
Islamabad, Punjab 47050

I am leaving this equation open here, to get solved…! Authorities concerned (most probably FIA) should take immediate action against this.

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Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • one good slogan for the site: For the tharkis by the tharkis
    one source for those numbers can be easy load franshises
    btw did i mention that this is uber BS and sad

    • Dear, I’ve read it but I think this is a very common sin in our nation especially Pakistani new generation. We are forget our Prophet’s teachings. We’ve to change our manner otherwise we’ll be thrown into hell

      • If I remember correctly our prophet did it with a dozen of his “wives” with the youngest being prepubescent, so.. Yeah, not very far off of his teachings we’re on the right track.

    • You seems totally biased Mister Aamir Attaa or what so ever you are. I read same post few months back and you clearly mentioned that host is Pak Spectator but now you removed that name plus you wrote “I apologise etc etc”. If you want to apologies but bringing truth in public then it is better to keep your mouth shut and get lost. Literally these Pakistani bloggers are the most non professional bloggers, I ever seen.

      Pak Spectator is running their blog on the basis of sexual stuff with name Amna Gilani (it seems fake name also) and you once raised voice then changed whole ur post stuff to please Pak Spactator.

      Dear try to speak truth and hold it firmly, instead of saying I apologies for saying truth. Shame on you. Really shame on you people mentality.

      I am dead sure that now you won’t publish this comment but my purpose is to reach you direct. I don’t care about posting it or not.


  • This girls mobile number website is run by pakspectator

    Proof: both sites on same server

    pakspectator sever IP: IP:

    really sad

  • Holy! I knew such sites existed for USA but making sites specifically to spread Pakistani girls mobile numbers is just sick.

    The webmaster should rot in die if not worse.

  • as far as i remember Pakspectator had a similar post about selling girls numbers by these EZ loaders, by Ghazala Khan i think.
    but if PakSpec is doing this, i tell you their viewership is dead.
    i believe PakSpec should come up with explaination if there isn’t something fishy. and we should check something a little late if PKSpec is involved in this really.
    btw anybody tried the numbers? :D
    i mean whats the fake number probability ;)
    please share as “public servce message” or many will face balance loss :D

    • @ڈفر, I respect Ghazala Khan, as a senior blogger, and it was really sad to learn all this.

      However, if it is not the case, she must justify it. BTW i have confirmed myself, both websites are hosted on same server. To be exact, on a same VPS.

  • one of my friend report me that i am attending daily 100s of calls from unknown numbers .. mostly guys expect any sexy sana will pick .. and some of them ask me directly give phone to sana ..

    its impossible to avoid such calls as he is in marketing .. and same to change his no.

    Made in Pakistan…

  • now that’s i am talking about putting info on internet is not good even some people put more then phone numbers even i have seen account compromised because they used there mobile number as password hmm but hey get serious we need to do something against this site or owner. We can get hosting company know about this and domain control also that he is doing illegal thing etc tell me how many people are interested in this ! like i want this to be clean as soon as possible.

  • if that website’s sole purpose is to earn money then let me tell you he/she won’t earn much money because google adsense pays less for the pakistani clicks and i think there won’t be many context related ads for that site.

    other thing is that there won’t be many numbers of actual girls on that site instead people will post numbers of people they want to annoy the hell out of.

    • @Saad Ibrahim, What other good reason can be for such a website? Even if it is not earning 2500$a month, still they can produce few dollars from this.

      Whatever the reason is, whatever this website is for… it is doing the worst. It is bluntly invading privacy of general public, and involved in a criminal act.

      • @Aamir Attaa, hello dear 1st time im enter this web.. one think i see your sms are seein againg i think you are a cool gay.. mister aamir if you not mind can tell me what do you do? im doing study in bba form PU ..

        best regad!!
        Arish Malik

  • Thanx the web u told me is much enough to show that people who jst come by back and tries to give wrong calls

  • boys are crazy for girls their mobile nos. use for bad means.right!!!!
    It is totally sick.
    haaah! ! ! ! !

  • well why you people are talking like innocent angels where are normal human being most of pakistanis are very desperate about girls when they they buy a new handset even you persons are also and so am i every human being but i must add one thing that using new for this kind of rubbish is pathetic!!!!!!!!

  • Aamir, do something about those “want to be fraand” comments with tthe mobile number it gives a bad impression

    • @Saad Ibrahim, sure i will follow you…. believe me there are hundreds of others which are trapped.

      But these few ones which got left are those who comment once, and gets approved, and latter on they send such invitations.

      Thanks for your concern…!

  • i want to also don’t like this website Pk Moblie Number .com , coz some one is share my number without my permission , and he/she sampliy share my number , and i was get so many bad pepoles calls , i was also very much upset , coz i m not that type of girl which like to talks stanger guys . In this website Pk moblie there is no surcitry of people number , anyone can share anyone number , and no records avaiable .
    When i seen Propakistani comments that i realy like all people commenets , and i m assure that PAkistani grils cant sahre there own number on net .

    thanking u

  • Dear Aamer Attaa,

    I have one question? Do you personally know Ghazala Khan, if not then how you can say that I respect her as senior writer. If Pakspectator is doing this then shame on them and its owner should clear its point of view.

    I am waiting for your clear answer that how we can authenticate a person if we hardly know him/her. These fraud people basically do frauds on the basis of our trust. On one side tries to project good image and on other hand they proves to be the leader of all this ugly game.

    • I am wating for you Aamer Attaa to answer my question. Why you got silent???? How you can authenticate and respect a person…if you don’t know and if know then let us know also.

      • @shahzad akhtar, I was purposefully not answering to your question. I have never spoken to Ghazala Khan, and i know nothing about her, but just that she runs pakspectator. As she is senior to me, so that’s why i respected her. That’s it..!

        Yes, she must stop if shez operating that website…!

        • @Aamir Attaa, Thanks for update. So it means we should remain skeptical while browsing web. Who ever is running that mobile number site, he is doing very bad. We should condemn it unanimously.

        • @Aamir Attaa, Bhai, are you convinced by this lady explation? I must say thanks to you for rasing this issue because they removed this site only due to fear….. after all their badwill was increasing after you highlighted this issue in public. I am dead sure it was intentional act to earn money and attract one class toward their blog.

          Shame on their mentality. Thanks for keeping close eyes on such people. Who are here for earning money only.

  • Bad thing dude. These small time lamers cause BIG trouble to innocent people. No wonder many girls may have fallen prey to unwanted calls from loosers.

  • Sad.



    The websites involved, the mentality behind all this, and the
    people who just posted their own numbers on–of all posts!–this one.

  • Asalam-o-alaikum,
    This is Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator. I am also shocked as you people are over this site pkmobilenumber. I want to assure you people that TPS or any member of TPS has nothing to do with that site.

    The reason why this site resides on our servers is because we resold some of our free VPS ips, and Mr. Akbar started pkmobilenuber on that site. We are after him for taking the site down, and hopefully within couple of days, the site will be down.

    The Pakistani Spectator is striving hard for the promotion of democracy and justice in Pakistan and we abhor such activities. But once we sold the ip, we havent really our control to block the site.

    Best regards

    Ghazala Khan

  • Hi i m aftab khan today i visit this site first time i felt happy to know that there are some people who r trying to bring the others people close. this is a good practice. and would wait for reply

  • Hi i m aftab khan today i visit this site first time i felt happy to know that there are some people who r trying to bring the others people close. this is a good practice. and would wait for reply

  • Don agrees with paki boy & he is the best.
    don ka peecha yaraan mulkon ke police hai magar ak baat samaj lo don ko harana mushkil he nahin namumkin ha.Oh! really i appreciate paki boy.

  • i think aaj kal k boys itne sick hain k un ko ye dream he mar dalta ha k kisi larki se fone pe baat karen.even 1 of my frend talked to urooj choudhry on FM,”baji aap mujhe apna number dain,ap se baat karna chahta hun coz maine aj tak kisi larki se baat nahi ki”
    so shameful
    Allah rehm kare pakistani qoum pe …aur apne asal maqsad pe focus karne ki hidayat de.amen

  • What i think is that Miss Ghazala khan is not aware about pkmobilenumber website and some one from the staff has done this who controll all the server activities, well the website is no longer working the domain has been moved and if some one really wants to take any action then they can visit this url and report the crime


  • FBI is keep watching this site and who ever is posting there cell no they will be in a big trouble…FBI will trace them and will take them to a unknown place… so do not post your no.

    • @Aamir, hi aamir i think FBI has better things to do then to take ppl 2 unknown place. what u said is really funny!!!!

        • @Aamir, no aamir i wont caz i’ve got better things to do…. everyone else who has given their number on this website have u been taken by the fbi????

  • this is a interesting site. i was searching to sent a free sms from canada to pak and i came across this site. anyways good bye everyone.

  • hi asalamalaykum to all of viewers its very intresting web site if some one ue good everething have two face if some ien will use on good face so its better if some oen will be used badly so its not sin of admin of thsi web site so if any peshawrai girl want amke a friend ship so this s my cocntect no 03333913333 so i hate form sexsy girls or boys plzdont call for that thing if some oen like tru e friend ship so i can thanks

  • I truly agree with the comments have been posted so far. I also suffer because of this site, as a working and married lady it was a horrible experience for me. It was very difficult for me to switch off my cell all the time or change the number easily and I can’t ignore every unknown number because of my job. I used the ufone “block numbers” feature, the built in function in the cell “reject number” also use the option available on the site “remove the number” and of course the last option for any lady I handed over my cell to my husband now you can understand how painful and irritating exercise was this for me so I do my best as a responsible citizen and wrote an email to the PTA chairman and officials. I didn’t get any reply of my email but at last they ban the site what ever the source was this was what I all want. also pasting the email details

    From: Sumaira Butt
    Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 3:01 PM
    To: ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]
    Cc: ‘[email protected]
    Subject: Please Ban.

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask about rules and restriction regarding any website which allows to publish any contact number without being verify just for fun.

    Actually I was being irritate by dozen of different unknown numbers at once last Wednesday and after being inquired we get to know that some one just publish my cell number on a local website for mobile friendship.

    There are no restrictions and rules on that site, any one can post any ones number with any name and location; although It allows to abuse the requested number, which I actually did to get rid from the unknown calls and obviously PTA helpline which ban all these irritating unknown numbers.

    My request is that please ban such websites which allow to publish contact numbers without the permission of the owner or enforce them to verify the posted number first, because it’s the simples and easiest way for any one to irritate any person anonymously.

    I am looking forward to PTA for a positive response.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sumaira Butt

    • miss sumaira,
      i m agreed with you. but it doesent matter to specified websites for such activities. any 1’s cell # could also be published in nonspecified websites. so its simple that dont leak out your personal numbers to any1 who isnt able to be trusted. internet destroys lives. & the solution is only awareness, by avoiding of sharing ur pics & cell numbers to unknown persons. so be careful.thnx

    • hy sumaira how r u?
      plz reply me on my cell number this my number 03154074337 i will wait for ur call thnkx

  • this is a interesting site. i was searching to sent a free sms from Islamabad to pak and i came across this site. anyways good bye number.03455076729

  • slam 2 all friendz
    sab doston ke comments parhey tu socha main bhi is site main enter ho jaaoon .. agae kisi bhi dost ko baaat karni hai tu chat ke through baaat kar sakta hai .. thankx

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