LinkDotNet Introduces Discount Packages for limited Universities' Students

LinkDotNet has confirmed these discount packages for students and facility members of limited universities, in fact students/facility of three universities to be exact.

  • UMT (University Of Management Sciences Lahore)
  • FAST (Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology)
  • Pak-Aims

Discount Rate:

512 KB Link: 30 percent discount
1 MB Link: 11 percent discount
2 MB Link: 9 Percent Discount.

How to Avail Discount

Student will have to submit Student ID Card Copy while Applying for New DSL Connection.

Already a LinkDotNet Subscriber?

Those students, who are already using LinkDotNet connection, can not avail this service, as there is no mechanism available. However, there is an option of terminating your current account, and applying for new account will get you discounted DSL rates.

By the way, PTCL offers student packages too, and they cover more universities. Moreover, PTCL offers 30 percent discount on all packages.

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  • I wish to share my experience of LinkDotNet broadband service with any suspecting victim.

    After an initial request for connection, the linkDotNet rep. came over the very next day to collect the 1200Rs. for connection and promised a live connection within 3 days. Those 3 days stretched over into 3 weeks..! One repeated query I was told of technical problems with PTCL, pairs, wires, connectors and God knows what else and assured of connection the very next day..That next day never came. Untill fedup with the pathetic lame excuses and non-service, I requested cancellation and a refund.
    That was over a month back. I am yet to get my refund.. And calling the customer service number of LinkDotNet is an exercise in self emulation..

    You have been warned…!

  • @ Aleem: Did you try contacting them by actually showing up at one of their Customer Service Outlets?

    • @Saira Kalim, No I haven’t. Is this is a aloo gobe walay ke shop, where I have to physically go to get something ? and if I have to travel over 10km, burn my fuel,time and energy to get customer service, can it still be called customer service ?

      • @Aleem, It is as simple as wanting to track where your money is going, if you have paid anything at all. Did you fill any paper work at the time of paying Rs. 1200?

  • I’ve opted for the 1 mb discounted package after some initial reservations. I’m interested to know more about customer experience, but so far I have heard positive reviews from peers about LDN DSL.

    • @Ammar Talib, Go for it…. but make sure your line is clear. Coz they create issues once your landline has distortion or similar issues.

      Make ur mind that this installation may take atleast of 10 days

  • Hi Friends,
    I dont know why LINKdotNET discount Package is not provided to you,but my experiance is totally Amazing,i am student of FAST-Lahore and get this info from Stall activity last week at our Campus,so i decided to request for the discounted package so i visited CSO Office at Lahore and it’s really strange for me because i got my connection installed in a week.

  • Apparently the company has added Punjab University on its discount package panel as well and will soon be branching out for the benefit of students in Karachi, Islamabad/RWP, and other cities as well. It is a welcome change from the DSL hegemony PTCL is currently enjoying over broadband discounts for students…

  • Linkdotnet should increase the no. of universities on its panel, at least should be in line with PTCL. It does not make sense that only 3 university students are considered for the discounted package.

  • Hi..

    Currently i am using samsung soul s7330. i got it a month ago but found some problems that shouldnt be there in a new handset. firstly its memory for string instant msgs is very low secondly its camera goes out of order times and again but more importantly i cant use gprs on the handset. although i have activated gprs on my number but whenever i kol on the helplinei.e. mobilink helpline, they ask me to visit their frenchise for getting the gprs setting.
    can anybody share with me how to make the gprs setting onthis mobile set. secondly in comparison with nokia 5610 which handset is better…


  • I’m using the student package by LDN (based in Islamabad) and my university’s name is not on the list…I think they are offering the package to ALL students now – at least this is what i was told by their rep on 111600111…

  • This offer is valid for all universities and colleges.
    Three of my friends are availing this offer.

  • wao, bt hw’s the stu package’s speed? are there any issues, cuz my ptcl broadband is real moody!! smetimes i feel like hurling it into the wall!!!

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