Opportunities & Threats – Pakistan's Telecom Sector

“After weapons’ manufacturing industry, ‘Telco Industry’ is the world largest domain, said a renowned Telecom analyst of Asia, and in deed Telco industry has been playing major role in market & benefiting consumers in day to day operations.

Call : Mom , lecture ended please pick me up from university, ok son , I will pick you up …
SMS: So do you agree? – yes , then Deal Done! …
SMS: thank you I have made the payment.
Call: What happened? Its accident, ok let me call 15 or 1122 to inform them about the injuries and losses & this list goes on….!

These are the only some commonalities that are possible only due to Telco industry. Advancement in Telecom sector has not only provided us day to day benefits but it has also contributed in many other ways, such as Employment, infra structure development and high foreign direct investments; like if we look at the figures from PTA Quarter report March 2008, almost more than 743,025 employment opportunities were created by the industry in 2007 . A total of Rs. 8.9 billion were collection as tax.

Telecom industry of Pakistan is significant in a very special way, and we know professionals from world over quote Pakistani Telco industry as a benchmarking industry for the rest of Telco operators. This is not only the growth, service levels or number of employment opportunities created, but there are other crucial elements that make Pakistan’s scenario very special and an example for industries round the world. Even just observe our true friend China still charge on incoming calls for couple of provinces.

At this node, I want to appreciate PTA for its pivotal role in the development of Telco industry & bringing competition at every step of the market and made this industry a success story and an example to be followed by other countries.

At the same time, we must not forget some certain sensitive issues like illegal SIMs, SMS spamming, Rumors calls, Quality of service, etc, which are related to Pakistan Telco market. Although, these issues have already been addressed by PTA on certain platforms, but authority has to quickly announce some policies and mechanism to overcome these issues and that too in more effective manner.