Exclusive – World's First Ever Pic SIM

Today, industries are based on innovations. Similarly Cellular companies, like any other industry, require innovations and ideas to increase there subscribers’ base and net profits. Other than basic telephony services, they keep on attracting new customers by evolving ideas that are unique in there own way, which are new and never used before.

Well as a part of Pro Pakistani I am feeling pleasure to contribute my share for the Telecom companies, by floating my this idea – and I’m already loving it. Now lets come to the point.

What is Pic SIM?

The idea is called ‘Pic SIM’. Sounds weird but let me explain; how about a custom SIM card having your picture and name on it? So, here is my idea for the global telecom industry. A custom SIM designed for customers having there desired picture and name (or any text) on it.

By the way, no company ever tried to get revenue through SIM cards’ branding. Customers may just go to the Customer Care Center of their cellular company, select from default pictures or give them there own picture (on any storage media, or an email service to give picture), give them the text or name to write. And in a day or two get there custom sim cards.

People could be allowed to buy usual simple SIM cards at normal rates, or custom SIM cards at premium rates. Pictures can be printed on the front side, where usually the company logo is printed, while on the back side usual chip could be fitted with the SIM’s pin number. Below pictures will help you to understand the idea. These would be “The First Pic Sim Cards designed ever”. Take a look:

Any graphic, picture any background can be selected.

See the profit!

People would love to get these custom SIM cards with pictures of there loved ones. Just imagine a husband gifts her wife a custom SIM card with the picture of their anniversary, a lover can say ‘love you’ by gifting a custom SIM to his love.

Cellular companies can start making SIM cards for special occasions. Like SIM cards for the independence days, valentines day, religious festivals etc with special picture/graphics on it.

May be this becomes the next biggest gift item. I personally would love to gift it to my friends because it is cheap, I can get any picture printed on it and it’s useful too. So what can be better than this?

And lastly, in a scenario like Pakistan, where we have multiple SIMs, and of same company too… printing numbers on this SIM wont be a surprising idea too.

This can be handy as well, specifically, when there is no balance and you try to figure out the number of a lost SIM card that you find after months.

Let’s wait and see how soon this idea gets implemented by any company. It can be Vodafone, T mobile or our very own Warid, Zong, Mobilink, Telenor etc. Share your thoughts that would love a service like this?