New Cyber Law – REAL FACTS

Cyber Crime law, that re-emerged few days back, in shape of presidential order (despite, there is a parliament available, I am unable to comprehend what urgency was there that President had to put forward this ordinance, anyway, its not part of our discussion), we need to fully understand this law. Because, it can be really very crucial for us, as the law have all the capabilities for trapping any one of us.

There are certain discussions going on over the technology forums, where Gurus are pointing out several aspects of cyber crime law, similarly, I wanted to put forward my opinion and observations as well.

The first thing after going through the draft of this ordinance, is that it is largely un-practicable – due to incompetence of our law enforcement agencies, and overall judicial structure. There are good chances, that lawyers never ever carried away any training or courses for getting familiar with internet and computer related criminal procedures.

Government of UAE can be taken as a good example, for instance, they never make anything a law until they can’t implement it. Because, making a law without any implementation or without availing the technology to get the rules implemented, just introducing a law makes no sense at all.

By the way, we are still unable to eliminate piracy, and some other cyber laws that were recently made, such as punishment to those spammers who sent SMS/Emails against Government (I just received this anti-Salman Taseer Email)

Getting back to Cyber Crime Law, it is unclear and as well  un-ethical. I am terming it un-ethical, just for a reason that, as a security person, I know the real damage that this law can do to normal people just like you; who are innocent and just visit websites, read blogs, chat and that’s it.

Why I am saying this is because you can not control your flow of browsing. For example, if you Google around something and it redirect you to a website that is encrypting data and that website is harmful as well… so who is the responsible then?

All your life belongs to Government – they can access your emails, chats, web browsing, everything…Where is the privacy?

Just imagine a life, where you can encrypt, you can’t use putty (it’s a software used to access remote computers and uses encrypted data), you can’t do any thing in your life…
Similarly, you can’t do anything when a hacker gets into your system and using your PC he/she does anything wrong, or against this law….

Same would be the case when viruses or torjans doing the damage from your system without your consent… how will you prove your innocence then?

Government must look into such issues as well by consulting IT and web security experts, and once all cleared, there must be a very comprehensive awareness campaign to educate internet and computer uses.

By the way, you can can view Cyber Crime Law’s draft by cyber-crime-law (PDF File – Size: 1 MB)

  • I support you, that without plan of proper implentation, there is no benefit of making rules, as in our country we have all kinds of law but these laws are for poor peoples, if u have money then you would be sheltered by law.

    The best examples would peoples see in coming days about Khanani and Kalia, they have money, therefore they do not need to worry, Aap sab log dekhana woh bahot jald izzat kay sath bahir hoon gay

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    • @Khadim Hussain,

      Wow what a place for this AD man, r u trying to challenge GOVT. about these law that you can post anything anywhere lolz just kidding. But I don’t think this is a right place or right POST for this sale AD.
      Best of luck.

  • Cyber Crime Law is another example of a step taken by the government in hurry and that is also without propr homework. Investigation procedure in Pakistan is not reliable enough to implement this ambiguous law.People who are related to IT should strongly oppose it .

  • I was really amazed after I had a look at your remarks when you said,” it is largely un-practicable – due to incompetence of our law enforcement agencies, and overall judicial structure.”With apologize, May I ask the community of IT professionals, including yourselves and other Gurus that if government and law enforcement agencies are unable to implement these regulations then what are you doing to protect the innocent users against Cyber crimes?..In fact, you are a part of this society and you could have use these forums to spread awareness among the common users.Unlike I know this is the right place to utter theses words.So I request you to maintain some space in your site for those who are the direct victims of such crimes.I mean you should take the responsibility to educate the innocent people because information and knowledge is power.

    • @Rashid Ali, thank you very much for your input. We will defiantly plan such awareness articles, to actually educate our readers about the laws.

      Thanks again, we will follow your lead on this.

      But, what this article said, was something different. We can take the responsibility of educating our readers, but Govt has to further look into options, such as adopting techy tools in configuring the crimes.

      Also that, there are few elements in the law, that are beyond basic human rights. Yes, we can compromise on this too, for our national concerns! but, we need assurance that these laws will not be used for ill-means and for personal interests.

  • Oh, I see ! In fact, I was just trying to advocate the common man…No one is satisfied with the role of establishment as far as the transparency of operation in various institutions is concerned. And when it comes to the matter of newly implemented ordinance against cyber crime, the law makers have taken this step in response to the increasing number of domestic and external concerns regarding the issue…I agree that law enforcement agencies in our country are lacking technical expertise to successfully cope with such crimes and this is chiefly because of the limited resources that they cant appoint highly technical staff. But unfortunately, there is an equal lack of additional/ external feedback that would help them to fulfill their obligations. I mean, there are no private or non governmental institutions or groups that would assist the government to resolve the issue of cyber crime. I was merely willing to convince you to share your research updates and any such facts on a single platform. In other words, I was requesting you all to assist the government and authorities to cope with the technical issues… I further agree with the words of Muhammad Ali Raza that the internet world belongs to you and no one can beat you there. But you should ponder for a while to prove yourselves to be a helping hand to the authorities to beat your counterparts. I hope you must have got what I mean to convey..

  • To my all respect to my fellow readers what you think what i am doing rite now,i am letting people know what the law says about cyber crime ! as a matter of fact Gov officials don’t have any expertise they don’t know about the new threads in market, they don’t care about hows this law going to effect normal user what they did is copy paste laws from other countries and did some modification that’s the thing they have done here.

    About educating users ! do you really think that letting people know that there is someone out there who’s gonna steal all your info you bank account your social life its easy they can do it a normal users says are you kidding its not easy as it sounds. Letting people know about the threats is like telling them dude you are owned. I have done to many work in security my past 7 year experience in security says if you want security hire hackers yes that’s true, the simple solution but officials want MBA’s MIT’s PhD’s and trust me they don’t know about anything related to security. Mostly hackers are i mean elite hackers who have good hand on expertise in security most of them are under 18 or drop out people they earn their living doing illegal activity because this society don’t trust them they don’t give them chance to proof there expertise. Your Resume will be rejected if you don’t have BS or MS HR never pass you to get interview session this how things goes bad hackers are not criminal they are normal people like you but they don’t have good education background so law enforcement people don’t let them in.

    I have gone to same area which you are talking about i have told people that sir you have some serious flows they says you are hacking in to over system we are gona tell officials about it that you are breaching our security. This what happening here the thing we want here is conformance seminars to let normal users know about new threats going on as a matter of fact even elite security experts also are unaware about new hacking tech out there.

    I will love to teach them i will love to pass the knowledge i have earn in these years i am ready to teach those you really deserve to learn.

    For just let you all people know about poor security Alied bank have serious security issues Warid have same problems MCB Stock exchanges every one out there are vulnerable.


  • Your words are quite impressive and thought provoking Muhammad Ali Raza.You have adopted a fairly transparent manner to highlight the REAL FACTS.I often visit these pages and I am one of your big admirers if you know wot I mean to say…I can empathize each and everything you have expressed here…But at the same time I would encourage you to strive in favor of the common population..Good Luck for your future !

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