SMS Banned in Iran

Believe me, Pakistan’s Government is lot better than of many other states. At least we have got the liberty of using many mediums for our communications, unlike Iran, that has banned SMS service on all cell phones, throughout the country.

(NCR Iran) National Council of Resistance of Iran has reported that Organization of Communications Regulations has putout new laws imposing restrictions on sending SMS. For a typical cell owner, he has to go through security checks by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) to receive clearance for using the service – otherwise, no one will be able to send/receive SMS.

I purposefully praised Pakistan’s government, so govt chaps are not convinced to follow Iran here – as govt is fully geared this days, and we can expect them doing anything.

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  • i broke this news in my office and my colleague said “jhoot. main nai maanti, aisa ho he nai sakta”, and i got no link in post to prove myself :(

    • @ڈفر, you have this link now : – ) i have also given the link to the source website

      • Atlasturns

        NCR is a terrorist group funded by the west. And you are a moron.

    • Afaq

      Come on guys, dont believe in everythig that is posted some where on the web,

      I am in Iran and there is no restriction on SMS, you can send as many SMS you like and I do it all the time….

  • Salome Khan

    If i were a citizen of that country and if this happened to me I’d be devastated! because this would mean that i can no longer get any internet hours as i use SMS4NET by WOL and Mobilink by sending an sms to 965 with 50 to get 25 internet hours…this would be horrible for me!!

    but do tell if the story has any actual reference somewhere or is it just negative propaganda against the country? :)

    • @Salome Khan, i have given the link to source website..

      • Salome Khan

        @Aamir Attaa, Thanks for the link. i can now actually share it with my friends and tell them how lucky they are in this country with all of its small mercies!

        • Atlasturns

          NCR is a terrorist group funded by the west.

  • Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

    Iran is a pure Islamic country unlike Pakistan :(

    God bless Iran :) long live Iran.

  • Shahrukh Malik

    I agree with Aaqil.
    Although I can’t imagine life without SMS, Iran’s government is true to ban SMS to promote better Islamic regime. In Pakistan, although many business transactions take place with SMS too, many ‘bad’ things go on. And its the governments responsibility to stop them. No matter how harsh the measures.
    May Allah guide us all and forgive us.

    P.S. You could still do mobile communication via calls so they aren’t really hampering progress. Agreed that the advantages of SMS cannot be utilized that way.

  • shaaani

    secretary for interior ministry mr.abdul-rehman malik threatened to banned sms in pakistan

  • mhmh