PTCL Going to Launch Mobile (Wireless) Broadband

We know through our sources and a service glimpse given on PTCL’s website, that PTCL is planning to launch long awaited CDMA based wireless broadband in Pakistan from December 1st, 2008. Initially, service will be offered in Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore.

From early information provided, we can assume that a plug and play USB compatible device will be provided to customers, to get this always on Mobile Broadband.

After DSL and WiMAX I suppose such mobile broadband is something that Pakistan’s consumers are looking for. However, the pricing is going to play a major role in making such gadgets and services hot. However, it is anticipated that pricing will be quite high than of wired broadband – But we can expect anything from PTCL…


  • Always ON Mobile broadband; Customers can use Mobile Broadband service wherever they want – at work, at home, at leisure, on the campus, on the road
  • Supported by world’s proven CDMA technology
  • No phone line is needed; just insert a USB card in your laptop / PC and start enjoying broadband wherever you are. No need of WiFi hotspot; you are your own hotspot
  • Speed up to 3.1Mbps (3000Kbps)
  • Send / receive SMS on laptop / PC (bundle offer)
  • Free email account with 20 Mb storage capacity
  • Unlimited downloads (data, songs, videos etc.,)

Target Consumers:

  • Corporate / SME executives who need to stay in touch (Emails / VPNs)
  • Students living in hostels
  • Researchers who require broadband to surf the web anywhere any time
  • Home users who can not get access to fixed broadband (DSL)

Expected date of launch: Dec 01, 2008

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • that is great. After worldcall now PTCL launching EVDO. So the home/corporate consumers now have lots of options for their Internet connectivity.

  • Price for students
    & coverage will really matter for business professionals as the were traveling between cities & by different transport mediums.

  • Believe it or not, WiMAX is not as reliable as line DSL.

    Not only is the technology/protocols different, but there a whole lot of other stuff I don’t like about it.

  • A few off-topic things I would like Amir Atta to address in his post.

    1- What if these DSL/WiMax/EVDO service providers shake hands to some extent OR follow each other just like MoBile Operators did charging 5% and PTA is dead silent over it.

    2- What if some “intelligent” in PTA or in these Internet Service providers come up with an idea of Unlimited =10Gb thing, just like Telenor and Warid capped their volume for SO-CALLED Unlimited GPRS.. (This validates my First point)

    Any idea about EVDO equipment that will be used/provided? Sharing of Internet will be possible or USB dongles?


  • hi,
    its gonna be a blasting turning towards wireless internet broadband, however wateen is offering and mobilink is shortly going to offer wimax, where only world call is offering cdma technology plug n play via usb, so PTCL on the other side being a national company cud offer more competitive rates …. so i hope most of the people wud be waiting for its launch….

  • Khalid Ahmad

    I am realy agree with you
    And we have already set a topic on our site

    Thanks for joining us

  • Its is good, but wireless can’t be as better as DSL or Optical Fiber Line. Furthermore, CDMA itself is not much proven technology. There are still some coverage area issues with CDMA. Now we will see that really it will be 3 Mbps.

  • Is anybody knows about the quality and speed and is different on ptcl Optical Fiber Line and normal ptcl line?.
    As i have optical fibre line and want to get broadband. plz do suggest for me the better option. thanx.

  • it’s very goood thing that PTCL lounge wireless broadband(DSL).
    I’m very happy after hearing this exciting news.
    I’m also agree with Ejaz(HOPE IT WILL BE AFFORDABLE)
    Thanks PTCL

  • Now PTCL rates will be deciding luck of customers and Broadband future in Pakistan as other companies have no sympathy for customer nor they know how to do business by providing better and cheap service.

  • worldcall is better then PTCL.. 70 % lines are demaged.. if we set one person DSL then other disconnect.. it need 3 years more to stable setup..please leave up ptcl if u need good and reliable sevice…

    One of PTCL empolyee..

  • @ptcl empolyes
    Its about PTCL EVDO that is not yet launched. But there are chances that World Call will be in great troubles after a slightest success of PTCL EVDO.

  • Worldcall EVDO service has gone downhill within a month of its launch. Although they claim to have a 1MB package, the speed hardly ever reaches 1Mbps. Currently I am getting 200Kbps on a 512 connection. So I am really looking forward to PTCL’s EVDO and hoping they will be better at it.

    Any idea of when it is launching as it is already past December 1?

    • @EM, Hey i have worldcall evdo 512 KiloBITS per second it maxes out at 200 KiloBYTES they are two diferent things … and still speed depends how close are u from a cdma tower .. so far i am satisfied with my router and sharing it between two pcs … but i do want the prices to drop and Nation wide seamless coverage… P.S.
      Worldcall Rules…

        • @Shabbir, if u have the router system just plug in ur pc thro lan wire and for wifi machines like laptops and some mobiles just need to connect : if u have the normal usb one the u can share through network with lan If u know how to do tht tehen fine if not it its a long process its better of u get some one to do it for u..

  • @Freaky, I know the difference between KB and Kbps which is why I am amazed that you are getting 200KB on a 512Kbps package.

    The most I have ever gotten on a 512 package at the few times the service worked great is around 80KB. The max I ever got on the 1Mbps package and that, too, only once at 6am was 150KB.

    However, I don’t expect this to last as a 512Kbps package means approximately 60KB speed. And Worldcall is known for starting out great and then falling back. They are quite capable of just giving you 6KB and saying it is 512Kbps package which is shared between x number of people. They have done it before with their cable broadband service.

    Worldcall has the 512Kbps package capped a little above the limit and I seriously doubt they are giving more than 1Mbps on the 512 connection.

    You most probably are in an area where the service is still working fine. Their service is inconsistent to say the least. You better pray a problem does not crop up in your area as once that happens, they are not that great at solving the issue.

    I now have to restart my router 2 to 3 times a day as the service just stops working and does not refresh until I go into the router admin and restart the device.

    So no Worldcall does not rule.

    • @EM, As a matter of fact i think i might be the first and only one with evdo within 2 km radius in my location rite now and i use a booster(there is no way to see signal strenth) ..and i did hear it is shared among the user thats the con and i want to upgrade (maybe that will fix constant non-conectivty) my router firmwire but im scared with constant load sharing i will damage it
      and i want to also know what do you recommend?(as an alternative)

      • @Freaky, All I can say then is that you are very lucky. I was very happy with the service when it started but it only lasted a month or so for me.

        Alternatives are a problem. PTCL DSL is great but their exchange is not. So if your phone line is ok you get a great service. But if your line man decides to go nuts (mine did) then God help you. Which is why I am waiting for their EVDO service .. no phone line problems.

        Of all the services I have tried, PTCL customer service for DSL was the best. They have a well trained staff. And the best thing I liked about them was if there was a problem at their end, they admitted to it and did not give you the run around.

        When I had the Worldcall cable, they drove me mad with their customer service and never admitting to problems at their end. They just offered stupid solutions like close your firewall (yah right), restart your modem (as if that ever helps) and I was even told to reformat my drive and reinstall windows at one time. Just imagine the poor people who do not know better and follow this kind of dumb advice.

        Mobilink and Wateen have the problem that they have a download limit so if you are ok with 5 – 15 GB limit those are options you can look into if Worldcall goes bad in your area.

        MAX is again DSL and dependent on your phone line.

        Sad that despite all the competition, none of these companies are stepping up.

        • @EM, I dont even think 50 gb limit is enough for me lool(hardcore downloader) Thanks man that gives me little hope for this country’s IT sector

          Eid mubarak….

          • @Freaky, Wish it was at least 50 LOL. Mobilink is only 5. Nuts, right? Why would anyone want a 1Mbps connection with a 5 GB limit? That is like getting a Merc and only putting in 1 litre of petrol. Mobilink has really cut down a large chunk of the 1Mbps market with this move.

  • every thing is ok about the PTCL Good services and every thing is good but it suck when we have to pay taxex on these types of things like 1199 +21% GST tax we are paying tax in every fom on bill on every thinkg this increase our ph bill alot this thing suck i hope PTCL introduce some thing whose payment didnt include in our bills so that it remains down

  • PTCL EVDO is launched. Here are the prices for this.

    When you purchase CPE in Rs. 4000 it will be:
    Rs. 2000 / Month.

    When you don’t pay any charges for CPE:
    Rs. 2500 /Month (for first year) after that Rs. 2000

  • Note that speed they are claiming is 3.1Mbps, but practically it goes not more than 160K for downloads. Its 160K , not 160kbps please note.

        • @Aamir Attaa, Ahhh ok. Hope they hurry up as I’m getting a bit sick of Worldcall EVDO. I have to reset the modem 4-6 times a day and it has already gone off completely twice a week for more than 12 hours.

          • @EM, the problems you are having might actually be due to the internet cable cut. All the internet services in the country are running slow these days.

            • @Asif MUSHTAQ, Actually, I’m not talking about the browsing or downloading speed. I am talking about connecting to Worldcall itself. Whether the net works after that will matter once my router can connect to Worldcall.

              • @EM, Dude i havent had tht problem on my router mabe its a fault in yours router have it checked or exchange…

                • @Freaky, I have just recently started having the problem. Which area are you using the service? It might be an area problem. There have been issues in this area before while my cousin in PECHS had no problems with the service.

  • Believe it or not… but PTCL is offering LIMITEED BANDWIDTH. or you can say LIMITED DOWNLOADS… in terms of its pipeline.

    I am using both. WIMAX of wateen and PTCL BROADBAND. but the fact is that i use to download files on Wateen at 140KBPS and PTCL 2mbps connection is giving me same download at 10 – 20 kbps and sometimes upto 35kbps…

    In terms of Browsing it may not be limited but in terms of downloads it is limited and it is USELESS for Geeks out there..

    • @Shahzad Khan, You didn’t just get the PTCL DSL, did you? They start you off on the lowest package … don’t ask why. They take around a week to upgrade you to the actual 2MB one. Best to keep calling and reminding them.

      I just got the 2MB package and it gives me around 40-50KB in the daytime (they said they have started me at the 512K package) but at night I get around 100KB. Should be ok, though once they upgrade the package to the correct one.

  • PTCL – EVDO is now available from PTCL Frenchises @ the following rates.

    Package A: Charges for Device: 6000/- and per month 2000/-
    Package 2: Charges for device : Zero/- and per month 2500/- for 12 months and after that 2000/- P.M.
    Package 3: Correlate your query with your PTCL Land line and charges will be included in ur monthly bill.
    Is that case 2000/- will be discounted from any of above 2 packages.

    PTCL offering Unlimited Data download.
    Where as World call is almost 2 months late to launch their EVDO in Lahore.

    for more info you can call PTCL help line or email me [email protected] — take care.. babayee

      • @EM,
        My dear , I called on PTCL help line 1236, thay told me you can get in from lahore (Berkat market, Gulshan ravi) PTCL frenchises) its confirmed that this is available in Lahore as today one of my froend told me that his cousine is using EVDO in lahroe from 2 weeks and it is working excellent.

  • @Naveed
    I gave this info here on 3rd January. Thanks for ur info. But I didn’t heard about discount if u attach EVDO with landline. What is that?

    • @Khalid Ahmed,
      Yar actually 2000/-discount you can enjoy only if you get the device againt your landline telephone security. This information has been inquired by calling on PTCL help line.
      If you dont want to merg ur land line telephone security in EVDO than the device will cost you Rs. 6000/- with monthly 2000/-

  • I want 2 ask you that when you’ll LOUNGE Wireless BROADBAND(DSL)..I’m waiting for your new LOUNGE because i’m using wireless but it doesn’t work very well especially fr INTERNET…
    Please do something and Lounge Wireless(DSL) as soon as…

    It’s a request of your client…..

  • Its all how to cheat the subscriber.
    I bought Ufone Edge mobile internet, it worked for 2 days now gone to sleep.Querries to Ufone lands on deaf years.
    Long Live Pakistan…the Corruption free Society,Govt…?

  • Hi ,

    Tho the Topic is not about PTCL Broadband but just wanted to let you know what Speed I get with ” PTCL Broadband ” .

    Up to 400+ Kbs ( Downloading Speed )
    up to 100+ Kbs ( Uploading Speed )

    I am having connection of 512KB and I know that you all must be thinking ( That I am Damn too luck ) .

    Due to curiousness of my cousin ( I gave them a ring ) and asked them about what had caused this and it was due to the TVPLAY ( I dont know what they call it exactly ) and My cousin had one for himself in Islamabad as well but he never got the same speed ( Which I get everyday ) .

    I Guess ! Its my Luck

    PTCL Rulz for

    BTW I live in Gulrez Town ( Next to Bahria Town ) .

  • Hi Guy’s,
    Please help to select any good ISP in RWP, i want DSL connection with good speed , i need to download some heavy files and dont want any disconnection during my work.

    Kindly suggest which ISp is best,my friend told me about LINkdotNET Student package with 30% Discount and also communicated that services are really good.So please update….

  • PTCL launch date of its wireless broadband EVDO service, Its sucks and bad service

    PTCL EVOD very bad service

  • launch the service in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and other major cities AND OTHER ????????????????

  • I have read the packages in accort to the prices. I feel the monthly fee is high for a student. Yes it will be better to charge high first time but later on each month 2000 or 2500 is an amount for a students specially for a hostilied students. If ptcl decreases the monthly fee than hopefully i will be ready to purchase it.


    • how much time would it take to launch wireless broadband in Haripur…..wanna like to know

  • how long would it take to lauch in haripur, plz mention the expected month….

  • they dont know how to operate their dsl internet how will they operate their wireless internet the whole ptcl group is a donkey . their technicians r fools. although their internet packages r unlimited but their service quality is worst. i am going through disconnections since the first day. and none of the technician of ptcl has resolved my problem after complaining more than 15 times

  • Salam All,
    i am using PTCL broadband and having a 4MB connection (student package). I am having some ping issues. when ever their is raining outside my net speed get tooo low (and so ping goes to high approx ~1000 ms) , i think there is a problem with the wire. i complain the PTCL about this issue and they said we have resolved your problem and guess what its the same issue…..
    Right now could any one help me or guide me how to inform the ptcl (through proper channel) for Fiber Optics procedure.
    I will be very grateful to you for your help.
    Thanks in Advance.

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