Website Down!

Mobilink’s website is down. And this is for quite some time now! Let me know if its opening on your end.

Update: Website has been opening now!

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  • Shahzad Khan

    Yah but there department says that this is temporary error we are upgrating our site so wait for a while Aamir Bahi

    • @Shahzad Khan, that’s what we are doing : – )

  • Naveed

    Not opening on my side also

  • openingg mere bhai
    yahan to working fine

  • Shahzad Khan

    Now its ok
    But i cant see any change
    Shuch thay tell me


    Yes but there is temporary error for upgradation of site.

  • Riz

    Its OK now

  • Ingeyla Karim

    its opening


    sir tell me about how can i download mp3 tunes in nokia 1600????????


    ny body tell me how can i download mp3 tunes in nokia 1600??


    aaamir sahab kya haaalll hai ap k