PTCL Smart TV to Hit 13 New Cities

PTCL has plans to further expand its IPTV services in 13 more cities, by the start of year 2009. Technical and commercial teams are undergoing serials of service tests in new cities for the launch that is scheduled by next month, or at most in January 2009.

The cities are: Taxila, Wah, Abbottabad, Peshawar, Gujrawala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Mutan, Sheikhupura, Bahawalpur, Hyderabad, Quetta

It merits mentioning here that Broadband services were launched in these cities last month – which is a prerequisite to IPTV. Seems PTCL management is keen in launching IPTV services in more cities without any further delays, as multiple teams are working in parallel to reduce pre-launch holds.

We may see hike in IPTV subscriptions in coming months, due to agression that PTCL has been showing for this particular segment. Especially, after free installations (Though customers will be charged latter on) and service area expansions, PTCL has clear plans for replacing conventinal cable operator networks with IPTV.

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  • I am among those who believe that one cannot really trust PTCL and they are loosing huge revenue because of their inefficient management. My application # 20902080440273 dated 08.02.2009 for Smart TV has been withdrawn by Azizabad Telephone Exchange themselves exactly after 10 days when they were supposed to install Smart TV at my residence. I was really anguished when I came to know about this development only when I called 1236 to inquire about the status of my application but nobody from exchange bothered to inform me. Technical Issue has been a common term of PTCL and I am hearing this word since the day I am using PTCL Broadband. It looks that they have failed to handle a large numbers of applications and refusing them on technical grounds just to gain some time. I must add here that nobody told me about any expected technical issue at the time of booking nor they have mentioned any such thing on their website. I was finally told by PTCL helpline to visit concerned DSL Officer ( King of the Exchange Area). People having enough time to visit Telephone Exchange for each and every complaint of PTCL can avail their services.

  • Hi,
    I have EXTREMELY SEVER issues with services provided by PTCL.

    I submitted complaint on Friday 13 August 2010 (complaint No. 128) about problem with DSL and IPTV services.

    Instead of getting this fixed, my entire PTCL connection has simply disappeared from PTCL database. My phone line is completely DOWN and if I try to use automatic complaint feature on 1218, it tells me that phone number is not valid.


    I am paying over 3000 rupees/month to get this pathetic service?

    Again, fix my number, DSL and IPTV,
    Phone number: 051-5490159
    Mobile number: 03455288308

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