Pakistani Cellular Help Lines

In Pakistan, charging Help-Line calls is nothing new to customers – they are sort of used to such charges, even then they are further frustrated by complex menus (especially in Ufone’s case) to get connected to Customer Service Representative; the process may take from 2 minutes to 22 minutes and even beyond. How customers handle to such complexities? It’s simple for them to hang-up the call and become disloyal to that Telco Company. By the way, charging helpline calls was first time started by Mobilink, on 7th August to be exact.

As, customers in Pakistan are getting aware and more familiar with consumer rights, such dissatisfaction result into higher churn rate. Because, when customer is disloyal due to ordinary services (that he is paying for) he suddenly leaves the company as soon as he/she hear good word of mouth for some other company that not only provide better packages but has a very fast customer service system.

We see incidents, where customers, even after paying for help line, are not getting proper information and techniques. For Example, often you will hear such replies “Sir iss ka procedure mien app koh SMS kar raha hoon, app who parh lejeyee or instructions follow kejeyee app k FNF modification ka tareeka-kaar maloom ho jayey ga”. This is in fact very sad situation and seems like Customer Service Quality assurance units of the Telco’s are not following the proper standard operating procedures (SOP’s) or some what they are also confused how to tackle customer at instant. Might be if you ask them, they will slogan it as “dealing with customer efficiently”, yes! I agree efficiently but not effectively.

Pakistan is first of its kind example in world, where service providers charge for on-net helpline calls. Given that, the information they provide in print or TV ads is normally so confined, and at times misleading, that a customers has to call helpline in any case to get detailed information about products and services.

Telco’s must focus on improving customer service’s complex help menu to reach customer service agent. Globally, core focus is towards reducing the help menu options and to connect to customer service representative directly and resolve issue right away. (Like FCR, First Call Resolution), however, in Pakistan, companies keep on complicating IVR menu to reduce number of helpline calls.

I wonder, how and why cellular companies prefer not to hire couple of hundreds of call center agents against risking dissatisfaction of customers.

In this era of internet, Telco’s must come up with latest state of the art communication mediums, such as web chats, webinars and other similar strategies to better serve their customers and in return retain them.

  • Very right!! it’s exactly like that…and they must give concentration to customer services & these complex help line optings.

  • Firs they start charging for calling to customer service, then start charging 10% withholding tax and then start charging for checking balance and now this year they will charge for misscalls and incoming calls and now competition between all cellular comapnies will start and turn into cartel this year surely. Where is government. Do something, why we vote for you???

  • At times agreements, ammendments to these agreements or clarifications are so worded as to leave a cushioning affect, for the players to play around- ofcourse with the understanding of the authority concerned.
    The companies in the present case could not have
    levied any charge without any understanding from the PTA. All the rest will be a stage management.

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