Media War to Move Ahead…!

In the world of advertising image building is one aspect of any campaign, which shows a shining picture of any product or organization. Creative writers craft all qualities and feature of that product in dynamic and sizzling words to catch attraction; when such advertising campaigns come to the public, they give the same impression and leave a lasting impact on consumers. For example, if you go to a shop and ask for a mobile connection, what name comes in your mind, while options are Telenor, Mobilink, Warid, Ufone, Zong or Insaphone. Furthermore, there is a term used in advertising, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. This is a hard-core reality, which enforces companies to run long and continuous schedule of advertising to keep the ball rolling.

In current situation, if we apply same formula, we would know that Instaphone is no more in the market. With only few hundred thousand customers, Instaphone has no demand in the market with zero advertising. Zong, which had created hype before its launch, was able to capture 5 million customers very soon, but gradually its slowing down its media campaigns.

Lately, Zong’s major elements of campaign were lunchtime offer; however, they are these days putting their focus on 12 Anay Package. Zong continuously rotates its focus on different services, but intensity is decreasing with time, and may not leave a lasting impression. Time has come, where Zong should focus on its network and should bring forward some advertisements relating to network coverage as well. Also they should bring forward at least one new package to keep it live on TVCs.

If we look at other operators, we will see that Mobilink, Ufone and Telenor Pakistan have been floating new ideas after every two to 3 months to maintain their leadership and customers with new packages and services. They have introduced back-to-back packages to counter their competitors. One example was one-minute package from Telenor, Mobilink and Ufone. Each company with somewhat similar packages claimed of being the most inexpensive one while others contradicting their competition.

Nowadays, Jazz “one plus one” is being advertised here, but the policy is that you cant spend those minutes on any other network except Mobilink. Behroze Sebswari has acted with brilliance in this TVC. From voice expression to face impression,

In this seen although, every operator is cutting the budget, however Warid Telecom is at the lowest level. They did not have any strong presence on media. This is a solid proof of the situation which last month Bank Al-Falah had faced regarding short cash inflow. The situation was so critical that Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Group rushed to Islamabad to prove false the rumors about bank Al- Falah. Although Warid’s position is not so weak, but their urge to move ahead looks no more. They just want to maintain the position with out any further investment in media.

Telenor Pakistan is playing close with Mobilink. Their approach towards the jingle based TVCs with Ali Zafer could be termed as cutting edge, high cost production, and result oriented.

In this race Ufone is lacking behind, in my opinion. One major reason is their joking policy to advertise. Although it is nice to look these TVCs, but to change the decision or attitude needs more serious approach generally. Also the high amount of media they are spending could make significant difference with a solid TVC.

Even when I was at Brisbane Institute of Advance Advertising, it was discussed clearly to have a serious approach for behavior change; otherwise people will enjoy the concept without thinking the message it conveyed to audience.

One last, but not the least thing, which should be adopted is the good planning and strategy to maintain the business growth according to changing conditions of the business environment. In telecom industry it is really hard for you to enter, and it is toughest thing to maintain your position. Your mind, body and tactics must be in an attacking position to change the wind of change in your favour.

What is your opinion about these campaigns, feel free to discuss at this forum.

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