We Demand Official Status of Online Media in Pakistan!

As time has been changing, so are the media trends in Pakistan. Now online media in Pakistan that includes blogs, forums, online news websites and other online resources, have been aggressively, vigilantly and timely reporting for variety of topics; ranging from politics, business, stocks, technology, telecom, culture, education and this list goes on…!

Lately, It has been observed and reported by various journalists too that mainstream media collects these stories from blogs and other online media, which actually proves the maturity and authenticity of online media.

Now the time has come, where we (bloggers) demand an official status of online media, its legislation, terms and conditions, do’s and don’ts and above all protection from government. We (bloggers) should also be allowed to get registered with APNS, PID or other journalists’ unions.

I understand that government has so many other things to do, and they may not bother for sparing time for the cause, so i request senior blogges to contribute towards this effort, and discuss the issue in an organized and centralized manner to get results.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I think you have a great suggestion – its never to late to start this process – and you might be right about approaching APNS etc for such a status –

    On the other hand, do you want to be ‘registered’ LOL – last i knew getting a ‘press badge’ was nothing more difficult then printing it and wearing it – if that entitles you to perks and privalges then it might be an option

    Though I support the initiative – id love to hear other views. Quite possibly the beauty of blogging is the unrestricted freedom it conveys, while ‘registered bloggers’ lol seems a scary thought

    But alternatively one might worry about figuring a set of guidelines to use for proper journalistic reporting in regards to blogging – something that is worth a thought

    Id like to know what are the trends worldwide – last i researched blogger associations registered bloggers for simply ‘association sake’ I dont know about Bloggers in the US registereing with the American press media monitoring agencies?

  • Dr. Awab, thanks for your thought provoking comment!

    Blogger’s hard work, and research is not recognized and thus is not influential. I personally witness countless stories in media that are derived from blogs, but mainstream media journalists either feel shy, inferior or unauthentic to quote blogs as their references.

    We may cater certain limitations after rules and regulations, but it will further help the cause for bringing the true picture of society in a credible manner.

  • I’ll agree with you both. I mean, the idea makes perfect sense. We as bloggers do enjoy unrestricted freedom, as Dr. Awab points out, yet it shouldn’t be asking for too much to be recognized formally when other agencies use material from our blogs which authors dedicatedly research upon to write up.

    The effort requires a proper platform where all bloggers may share their views regarding how to shape up a body that can work on the idea, choose a leadership and finally perhaps come up with some provisional rules and regulations regarding the content of Pakistani blogs and how it can be used. And I’ll be honest that even I can’t see a solution that addresses all of these issues.

    Thank you, Aamir, for coming up with this idea, though I’m a bit surprised as well as disappointed to see such a weak response from the Pakistani blogger community.

    • @Dr. Saeed, thanks for your support on the topic. I am in touch with few guys, and will come up with some positive news regarding this soon…!

      I will keep you posted

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