Ubuntu Muslim Edition Arrives!

Guest Post by Farhan Janjua

Let me introduce the Ubuntu ME operating system! I am assuming that you are familiar with Ubuntu, and if not than a quick preview that Ubuntu is a Open Source Linux Operating System. Ubuntu’s ME edition is not like Windows’ ME, in fact it is Ubuntu Muslim Edition. A project that is initiated by the Muslim volunteers of Ubuntu Linux software and was supported by Ubuntu Linux officials.

Here is the detailed description of the operating system:


  • WebStrict (parental control tool) enabled by default (so as browsing the Internet is safe)
  • Zekr 0.7.1 (Quran study tool) installed and configured to play Quran recitations
  • Minbar and Firefox “Pray Times” addon installed
  • Monajat (display Islamic prayers)
  • Thwab (encyclopedia)
  • UbuntuME artworks: usplash, login screen, islamic wallpapers, theme etc.

Quran recitations provided by www.versebyversequran.com: Muhammad Siddeeq al-Minshawi (16kbps, 193 MB), Huzify (24 kbps, 322 MB), Sa’ad al-Ghamadi (40 kbps, 433 MB) and Mishary Rashed Alafasy (40 kbps, 508 MB)

Tons of useful softwares have been added on the DVD:

  • multimedia: libraries for reading DVDs, codecs, flash player, vlc etc.
  • Education: full suite of softwares for kids (kturtle, tuxmath, tuxpaint, gcompris etc.), stellarium, celestia etc.
  • Miscellaneous: scribux, inkscape, virtualbox, Adobe Reader, skype, ubuntu tweak, envyng, and a lot of utilities (compizconfig-settings-manager, nautilus-open-terminal, glipper, galternatives, startupmanager, pessulus etc.)
  • Arabic support: language-pack-ar, aspell-ar, acon, bicon

You can download this OS here

In todays world, when Muslims and their voices are either misunderstood or ignored, or we can say that Muslims have very less media representation, I think this is a great addition for the Muslim community.

Below is a non-Muslim blogger’s review about the Ubuntu ME

I would highly recommend UbuntuME to every Muslim for its included religious tools, and to beginners for its ease-of-use. I have tried almost all of the flavours of Ubuntu, and I can say that the Muslim Edition has one of the sleekest and finest desktop. It also achieved its own look and character because of its highly customized appearance. The UbuntuME team has done an excellent job in creating this distro, and I would like to congratulate them for a distro well done.

Its graphical user interface is very interesting, tools are really worth installing, It’s something that gona strengthen your faith. I am very excited about it and really gona try it.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • DocMood

    awesome!!! **claps like crazy *** may allah bless their endeavours

  • Farhan Janjua


    Ameen! :)

  • Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

    Thanks Allaah :D

  • Abdul Qudoos

    i think this is very old edition

  • Farhan Janjua

    @Abdul Qudoos

    I am sorry but you are misinformed! it’s 8.10 edition

  • Abrar Naeem

    Thanks a lot , i had been using ubuntu for a a long time , and its good to see the muslim edition of ubuntu , i love that move