Gaming Zones – A Growing Culture in Pakistan

gaming_zoneFor last few years Pakistan has rapidly shown a growth in IT sector. Many new IT domains and startups have evolved and are providing the best services possible. Many technological trends are being adopted by the youth like freelance web development, designing, blogging and so on; but the activity that is most loved by teenagers is gaming.

These days guys and girls both love to play games especially online multiplayer games. Gone are the days of playing arcade games on computer – now it’s the online networking games’ culture. Groups of friends buckshot each other on MOHAA (Medal of Honor Allied Assault) or dominate each other on WOW (World of Warcraft). But to enjoy all these games not everyone has broadband connection at home. So, teens turn to gaming zones, the breeding place of future pro-gamers.

Daily thousands of teens go to gaming zones around the country, which is becoming an addiction now.
Going to gaming zones is not bad. Many kids go to become more efficient in their specific game or other just go occasionally to keep their gaming skills alive. But there are even boys who go twice a day and seven days a week to gaming zones.

Gaming zone is like a paradise for teens. Dimly lit room filled with neon lights is what teens love. Trance background  music and soothing environment, a dream place to enjoy free time.

Pros of Gaming Culture:

  • Playing games consistently can really help to master a specific game. Now, As Pakistan also takes part in the World Cyber Games Tournament. Kids can really test their abilities and try for it. First try outs are organized in major cities, good gamers are selected, then grand finals are done and finally Pakistan Team is sent to play against other countries. May be soon our gaming generation bring pride to our country.
  • The gaming field is also vast. Serious gamers can even become pro game designers in many popular game deign companies. This field has lot of money involved.
  • Strategy and action games really help to make mind and body reflexes more sharp.

gaming_zone_1Cons of Gaming Culture:

  • Too much gaming addictiveness results in poor grades. Studies are badly affected.
  • A few gaming zones are the evils of society. Kids are even pushed to watch adult films and kids pay huge money to buy these videos from the gaming zones. Ultimately kids get addicted to these films and waste their pocket money on such immoral activities.
  • We know that (some) gaming zones are full of drug activities, and hence can cause serious damage to our children

As a whole, Gaming culture has its good and also bad norms. But we can kill these bad norms with the support from the gaming zone owners, parents and kids themselves.

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