Rumor: Major Reshuffle in Mobilink’s Top Management Soon

After recent reshuffle in Orascom’s top level management, there is a strong rumor out there that Mobilink may undergo some changes in its higher management as well. These changes may surround couple of Vice Presidents and some middle level management.

A high level source has communicated us that Mr. Irfan Akram, who is currently the Vice President Sales may head Administration department very soon. The primary reason for this Change in portfolio is to ease Mr. Irfan Akram from tough sales’ situation in recent months. The decision of course came with the consent of Mr. Rashid Khan, CEO, Mobilink.

Currently Administration and HR department is being headed by Mr. Ali Raza Mehdi; meaning that he will keep on heading HR while administration will go to Mr. Akram.

Mr. Aamir Ibrahim is most likely to head Sales, who is currently Chief Strategy Officer, Mobilink. It is very much obvious that Sale’s is going to be the toughest and most reasult demanding department for Mobilink in coming months.

It merits mentioning here that both Mr. Rashid Khan and Irfan Akram come from ex-Paktel team and bear good acquaintance. Mr. Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President, Marketing was part of that Paktel team as well.

Mobilink’s spokesman denied any such organizational reshuffle in near future.

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  • Hi Aamir,

    Can You please give us an insight of Wateen’s new tv AD about its broadband and telephony packages of Rs 499/- for 1 MBPS. There is no info on there wesite i guess.


    • @Mudassar,

      The offer for Rs. 499 1 MB connection mean your advance payment which is 2,500 normally will be reduced to 499 if you subscribe to 1MB/s package of data broadband. You will pay Rs. 499+ 1 month data subscription charges as per your plan +line rent as per your package + Rs. 99 CPE Rent + 500 Installation charges and get a wateen connection.

  • Thnx ssg

    oh well I already have Wateen installed and I am using its 512 kbps so it has nothing for its old customers it is a kind of attraction for new ones.

    Old billing system of Wateen is quite complex they seems to experiment with it every other month either making it pre-paid sometimes or post-paid some times. Even the data package rates are also not even as far as I have noticed. Some of CSR’s don’t know details about basic things and tries to give lame excuses.

    So I guess Wateen these days know as world largest WiMAX implementation needs a lot to do on QoS.


  • These officials of whom you mentioned in your report are basically behinf down fall of Mobilink sales and growth. These officials were hired from the company that was already sinking due to their strategies so they implemented the same in Mobilink and now it is also taking last breaths. It is strong rumor that Orascom will soon sell it off. As Orascom sold its company in Iraq due to high competition.

    Companies always grow with competent team but I am sorry to say that Mobilink lost its nice people due to Internal politics. Only filth is left in Mobilink to run. Rest all moved to Telenor.

    …….. [edited by admin] on Mobilink approach of selling its products. Rather only loading cards…. but SIMs are stll in Franchises or in offices. As government imposed regulations of correct SIM activations… Mobilink sale slashed down and now every thing is infront of people.

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    Also, there’s no CPE monthly rent and once you purchase it, its yours.
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  • @madiha , wow nice way to market. And I guess You may have got lot of calls till now :D :D :D

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