PTCL Customers' Loss – Still Not Late

fixed_line_subscribers_pakiPTA has quoted 4,416,417 fixed line subscribers in 2007-2008 annual report, which were 4,806,206 just a year ago.

The major challenge for fixed line segment of Telco industry is customer churn on continuous basis, where churn is only occurring in case of voluntary basis, which is massive.

In 2000, when de-regulation in Telco industry was hot topic to relevant personalities , but unfortunately important prospects missed or ignored by experts about it’s long term effects on fixed segment of telco industry. As we have not seen since 2007 end any parallel strategies to manage market equilibrium. No doubt, everyone gives lame excuses that this fixed line churn is being experienced everywhere in the world, but this cannot fulfill the gap between both segments.

Better late than never, as PTCL came back with good customer services they need good Customer Retention & Loyalty Programmes and solutions:

  1. Churn Management
  2. Customer Behavior Monitoring
  3. Loyalty Offerings (Give-Aways)

Churn Management:

They must develop some proper churn prevention model, I believe if they will adopt the segmented geographic churn management model, they will be able to control voluntary churn on frequent basis.
Customer Behavior Monitoring:

Development of Customer Behavior Model to monitor customer activities lively, like if any customer is not having good generation of calls from the PTCL land line phone , they can offer the support solutions
to match competitor offerings.

Loyalty Offerings:

Dealing with customer complaints can cover 60% loyalty. However, giveaways like club memberships, cinema tickets, restaurant discount offerings etc. can play major role to cater competitor for call generation on fixed line telephony.

Billing Systems:

In Telco Industry, Billing system is always major concern to cater customer suspiciousness proactively. PTCL must provide vigilant billing systems, which not only update as event occurs, but also provide event based information to customer by using any means (like sending SMS on mobile phone, etc).

Though, it’s still not that much late for PTCL & other fixed line providers. Especially, where PTCL is having such a huge Telecom structure and resource to cater it on and really can serve their tag line “Feel the difference”