Unlimited On-Net Calls for One Hour: Warid PrePaid


Warid has come up with this package called Happy Hour that allows its prepaid customers to make unlimited on-net calls for one selected hour a day for either Rs. 6.04 inclusive of taxes (for off-peak hours) or Rs. 14.51 inclusive of taxes (for peak hours).

Frankly speaking, this package is one of the most complicated ones around, though a useful package. (You can ask questions in comment box, if there is any confusion, despite I tried to clearly elaborate the details)

How to Select Happy Hour

In order to avail the service, and select your happy hour for today, you will have to send an SMS with hour to 2742, for example, check following…

Write “7am” and send it to 2742

This SMS will subscribe you for 7am-8am Happy Hour for today only.

  • You can make unlimited on-net calls today only during 7AM -8AM, if subscribed. Tomorrow you will have to subscribe again by sending an SMS with hour to 2742
  • SMS will cost you Rs. 2.42 (including taxes)


24 hours are divided into two categories. You can make unlimited on-net calls during this hour at following rate

Off Peak: 12pm-6pm & 12am-6am @ Rs 6.04/hr (Including Taxes)
Peak: 6am-12pm & 6pm-12am @ Rs 14.51/hr (Including Taxes)

Note: You can make multiple calls as well, for example, you can call 5 of your friends for 5 minutes each – and you will be charged as per up given pricing depending on peak or off-peak hours

Key Points

  • Subscribers will have to select this one hour on daily basis, meaning that if you want to make calls today between 3PM to 4PM then you will have to subscribe for today’s happy hour, and it will expire today.
  • You can select maximum of1 happy hour per day
  • You can choose different hours daily
  • It is not necessary to select happy hour daily

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