Certified Ethical Hackers and CSPs In Pakistan

Whenever we hear a word “Hacker”, by default we get a negative impact in our minds. At the same time, we need to know that there is a better side of (ethical) hacking we can in fact relate (ethical) hacking for debugging in our information systems.

An Ethical Hacker is an expert, which are normally hired by corporations to attempt to retrieve their network and computer systems the same way a hacker would. Ethical Hackers use the same techniques and tactics as those used by illegal hackers to breach corporate security systems. Resultantly, these ethical hackers figure out those breaches and security flaws with-in information systems and enhances company’s ability to prevent an intrusion before it ever occurs.

A company can’t know if their security system is solid unless they test it. It’s hard, though, for a company’s IT team to thoroughly ring out the system. Try as they might, the techs can’t go at the system with all the malicious or mischievous motives of a true illegal hacker. To thoroughly uncover vulnerabilities, the theory goes; you must examine your security system through the eyes of an illegal hacker.

It is matter of fact that hacking is taught at certain institutes, in order to train IT professionals to become enough competitive to meet in-practice hacking techniques.

KalSoft Academy, Karachi has announced its Certified Ethical Hacking & CSP course in Pakistan and they have successfully completed their first batch a month ago. We all know that KalSoft Academy is a sister concern company of KalPoint and they are MicroSoft Golden Certified Partners on Windows Platform. They have started their CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker and CSP – Certified Secure Programmer in Nov 2008 from ECCouncil.

Do we really need the Ethical Hackers in Pakistan? The answer is YES WE DO!

The reason is growing IT and internet culture in Pakistan, along with the rapid increment in number of multinational and national organizations including banking sector going online. It’s obvious that Pakistan will be a big market for hackers in coming days, which suggests that we must train Ethical Hackers to get our systems flawless.

Besides of training, we should make any organization or department that can aware the business sector/tycoons and think tanks about the future of Information Technology and its implementation in Pakistan.

But when we come to any Linux/Unix platform, there is no recognized institute except Ora-Tech in Pakistan; same is the case if you want to learn PHP language.

The need of the hour is to bring in technical institutes for professional studies of technical acadamics to meet our technical requrments, which can be latter on used to serve international markets as well.