Mobilink Handset + SIM + Balance: Rs. 1575

mobilink_handset_sim_jazzGood move to cater low end market by Mobilink, with an offer that gives away a Mobile Set, Jazz SIM and Free Balance for Rs. 1575 only.

Handsets are network locked, meaning that they can’t be used on networks other than Mobilink – furthermore, they come with 6 month’s warranty too.

We saw Ufone and then Zong offering SIM’s with handsets. Idea was successful, however, this sort of SIM sale was considered somewhat very hefty, reason is you are spending quite an amount for subsidizing handset for the sake of one SIM, and that too can be a dormant one at the end.

While on other side, customers love such offers, because they get low priced and subsidized handsets with such offers. I am sure there would be many looking forward to this scheme.

Another thing that we observed is that Mobilink targeted only few cities for this handset, meaning that this offer is limited to only few cities, not the whole country. Distribution is limited to selected Mobilink Franchises Nationwide and Mobilink CS Centers in Faisalabad, Jehlum, Multan, Hyderabad, Peshawar and Gujranwala only.
Good luck guys, let us know your experiences with the handset!

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