Telecom Degree Education – Important Facts for New Students

It was 2002 when telecom education was the concern for every new passed intermediate education level. As usual, universities were ready to give admissions to all candidates by certain conditions and procedures. We saw most of universities starting registering students, even if they were not officially allowed by HEC to offer Telecom engineering courses.

Well, while applying for Telecom Engineering, Computer Engineering or any relevant engineering degree new (intermediate) passed out students must give importance to some important facts , otherwise , you will not be considered accredited educated by Telecom industry of Pakistan. I am still familiar with most of the people, who are not even aware of the HEC & PEC accreditation process for all telecom degrees.

Important Facts:

  • Before applying for Telecom Degree Program in any university always give litmus test to following points:
  • Go to HEC website (Higher Education Commission) for checking your selected university accreditation with HEC.
  • After verifying university accreditation, go to Pakistan Engineering Council Website (PEC) for verifying your selected university accreditation with PEC for the particular programme and completely check the dates and batch accredited for that university. Like there can be possibility that your selected university only accredited for single programme may not for others.

Please note that, you will not be considered Engineer in Pakistan or anywhere else if you are not possessing PEC accreditation for your particular degree and definitely without HEC accreditation you stand no-where. It is also an expert opinion that at times you may need to check campus accreditation even if your university main campus is located somewhere other than your residing city like XYZ university main campus located in Karachi and campus is also settled in Islamabad must be accredited with HEC and PEC for telecom degree programmes.

  • PEC acridation is not so necassry.You can get job without PEC number But only Govt. sector jobs are giving importance to PEC.Too many engineers without PEC number are doing Jobs in related fields to their engineering.And HEC is most important for your degree.and while cheking HEC take a look at university grade by HEC.

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