MBL offers 1 MB DSL Broadband @ Rs. 1,199 (Rwp/Isb only)

Micronet Broadband Limited has broken the long run silence, and has come up with most economical (unlimited DSL) broadband package available in the country.

Now MBL is offering 1 MB link, with unlimited download/upload at Rs. 1,199 per month. By the way, this package comes with a dynamic IP address. (Official weblink here)

It merits mentioning here that Micronet covers only Rawalpndi/Islamabad for broadband DSL market, though its matter of fact that they cover twin cities really well.

This move is going to impact not only twin cities’ customers but countrywide users can now expect lower tariffs for 1 MB DSL Broadband link – reason is that Link Dot Net and PTCL will try to compete this price tag, so let’s expect counter attack from them soon. We also know that Link Dot Net and PTCL will have to lower tariffs countrywide, if they dare to do so.

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  • OMG! Only Rs. 1,200! Looks like I’m the only dumb person paying Rs. 2,600 for 1 MB to WorldCall :\ But I can’t leave them because of their uptime and customer support.

  • This is a nice surprise from mbl. With all the economic problems and the rising difference between rupee and dollar, I never thought that we would see any reduction in dsl tariffs anytime soon. I was wrong.

    Way to go MBL!

  • yeah
    buddy! im gonna throw a party tonight
    now a real bye bye to LDN :D
    one of my friend unsubscribed LDN services from 1st jan, but they did not uninstalled the equipment from exchange. and he is still waiting for their ****** response

  • hey Gyu’s I was MBL customer from 1 Year but i dont know when ever MBL is revised any Home DSL packages bandwidth e.g from Volume based to Unlimited and now 512k to 1MB,i always suffer .because i never ever upgraded on time still i left MBL on 512k with Sunday’s Free and my 512k was not upgraded to unlimited as per previous offer.So i decided to shift on LINkdotNET and get installed in a week So it doesn’t matter how 1MB is cheap in Price ,matter is timely execution and Customer Seervices .

  • It is time for other ISP giants such as PTCL and LINKDOTNET to either lower their prices. But I don’t want that to happen if that means we are going to have lowered quality as well. I use LINKDOTNET’s 1 MB connection for about 1800 rupees on student discount. It works wonderfully well. I’d rather keep paying this amount than have it lowered along with the quality going down as well. So far I think this is a marketing tactic.

  • Just another reason to love MBL more.
    I used linkdotnet for like 3 months. Out of those 3 months the connection was down half the time, then when i told them i wanted to disconnected they kept on giving me 15 days of free service. After the 15 days the net would stop working again. When they finally agreed to close my account they asked me to pay for the 15 days that they gave me for free.

  • wow …thats great news ..
    i was dona go from 512 to 1 but perhaps i have to wait.
    but i think they dont have the student package like ptcl ….but it stll costs lower even having students package

  • I dont think PTCL or LDN will lower their tariffs. MBL is a small company working out of ISlamabad and Rawalpindi, which are not so large to begin with.

  • Oh Yes Omar, i am agreed with your Point,atleast we should not worry for the price of MBL because of limited working Operation only in RWP /ISLAMBAD.i am LDN User and Using it’s services from more than 6 months also i am getting good Services from LINKdotNET.So no way to change my internet giver.

    although i am living in RWP but will not quit LDN.because some quality can never Compromised with Price.

  • By the way LDN is really a services provider ,cant say any thing for PTCL because i never tried at once.

  • like MBL, brain net also offering affordable DSL packages in lahore..

    512 kbps.. 999 Rs
    1 MB .. 1111 Rs
    2 MB .. 2222 Rs

  • Haris i agreed with your point also i had a account of 2 MB(Brain NEt)but services are not satisfectory as my LINKdotNET Connection.although still my first choice is LDN and 2nd is PTCL.

  • Whats wrong with you guyz… I am paying Rs. 1445 per monthy for 2 MB with LINKdotNET.

    The Tariff of 1 MB connection is just Rs. 885 per month. I don’t think I can get any other deal better than what LINKdotNET is offering at the moment to me…

    Keep Smiling… Take care

    Aadi Jee… !!!

  • Hay, when you will start your services in Lahore. I’m curious about this. I wanna subscribe this too. But it is in only in Rwp/Isb :/

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