MBL offers 1 MB DSL Broadband @ Rs. 1,199 (Rwp/Isb only)

Micronet Broadband Limited has broken the long run silence, and has come up with most economical (unlimited DSL) broadband package available in the country.

Now MBL is offering 1 MB link, with unlimited download/upload at Rs. 1,199 per month. By the way, this package comes with a dynamic IP address. (Official weblink here)

It merits mentioning here that Micronet covers only Rawalpndi/Islamabad for broadband DSL market, though its matter of fact that they cover twin cities really well.

This move is going to impact not only twin cities’ customers but countrywide users can now expect lower tariffs for 1 MB DSL Broadband link – reason is that Link Dot Net and PTCL will try to compete this price tag, so let’s expect counter attack from them soon. We also know that Link Dot Net and PTCL will have to lower tariffs countrywide, if they dare to do so.

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