Be-aware: Your Mobile may Get Hacked!

This is a Guest Post by Nazakat Hussain

I’d like to divert your attention towards an important but unsung mobile security issue i.e. hacking of your mobile phone where hacker can get access to your private information like Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos etc using Bluetooth. Ironically, the damage can be done by simple and freely available mobile software.

Mostly the hacking software are available to be installed in Nokia S60 series phones. What this software does is that if the Bluetooth of your phone is turned on, the hacker can access your phone without your permission or Acceptance. Yes! It wont even ask you to Accept.

I’d like to share my experience. A few days back, one of my office colleagues hacked my mobile phone while sharing data through powered on Bluetooth feature. He had installed hacking software in his Nokia device.

And just to show off his expertise in hacking, he dialed another colleague’s number sitting next chair but using my phonebook contacts. I was shocked to see dialing on my device screen. He had access to my messages, audios, videos and photographs stored in my device. He could have copied all the data stored in my phone device and memory card to his mobile phone.

Although, he  hacked my mobile phone for fun only, but his act was unexpected for me.

These are suggested precautions that can save you from major privacy theft or data loss:

  • Use Bluetooth only when required
  • Do not allow connectivity to everyone
  • Turn it off when not in use