Jobs and Career in Telecom Industry

As per the PTA report 2007-2008, Telecommunication industry has employed human resources in hundreds for several fields like Engineering, Commercial, and Operations etc. In Pakistan, as the industry is very lucrative, the main career path can be Telecom Engineering, MBA (marketing), MBA (HR), or even any graduation degree for call center jobs.

Like everywhere in the world, the initial step of getting in to industry is “Internship”, being offerd by every telco in Pakistan , rather some have internship programmes for deserving students; like during studies you  can request for internships to telco’s by giving them your portfolio and walk in portfolio droppings are always good than mail posting or email.

Next step to get a job is 100% dependent on the inductee skills and qualification to perform particular job. The skills required for doing particular job are very important, like every telco use self developed “Management Information Systems” and different reporting tools. So , if you have been doing internship for commercial division than you might need very good skills in Microsoft Office (very good mean , u must produce output, not just the basic typing thing), like Microsoft Excel is major tool in any organization for developing report and analysis.

For engineering inductees, in every telco almost every engineering division has particular departments like: NSS Operations, BSS Operations, Cell Sites Development, IN Platform, Application development, Support and a lot more. The engineering division is always interested in I.T qualifications like BS-CS, BS-Telecom Engineering , BS-Computer Engineering , BS-Telecom Systems etc and please do not forget to ask from your university about accreditation with Pakistan Engineering Council for particular program, coz in Pakistan no-one in Telco will accept you for hiring without that. With this, if inductee has some certifications like CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCP, or IN certifications, NSS certifications, no doubt this will add more value to strengthen their convictions in hiring for particular job.

For commercial inductees, commercial division has different segments dependent on the Telco strategy like Marketing and brands has different segments like Pricings, product development , advertisings , analysis , strategy,  Customer Services has vast portfolio like call centers , customer service centers , customer support centers , all you can do after doing degree in commercial like MBA marketing , or masters in subjects other than Urdu and stuff with certain certificate courses or certifications you might  get a golden opportunity to excel in commercial division of any telco company in Pakistan.

For Admin and HR related activities, candidates having MBA (HR) or MPA always compel interests of Telecom hiring teams. But please note that, getting a HR position in telecom sector organization is not as easy like getting position in any other department.

For Call Center jobs, only Graduation works and spoken English skills and proper Urdu speaking skills are mandatory to acquire position in call center. The main aspect behind call center jobs are that these jobs are on contractual basis and telecom sector does not offer permanent seats to individuals. We also cannot ignore other department positions, in which you might get contractual position instead of permanent seats in the telecom organizations and mostly contractual positions are outsource with outsourcing recruiting agencies.

Well walk in C.V droppings is always a good tool to get job in any organization. Keep on visiting telecom companies with your C.V’s and develop targeted based C.V’s especially for call center jobs never show your higher education like if you have done masters and you are applying for call center job. You will not be entertained because of your higher education as we in telcos consider highly educated people unfit for call center job. So if you need to get job in call center , please note that never show your masters degree in C.V ‘s otherwise you will not be shortlisted.