Ufone launches ‘3 Minute Package’

ufone_3_minute_packageUfone has introduced a new prepaid package called “3 Minute Package” boasting off to talk for full 3 minutes and get charged for just two minutes, meaning the third minute is absolutely FREE and that comes down to just 66 paisas per minute! So now you don’t need to worry about the bill if your call is a little longer than expected.

Apparently, Ufone has listened to what ProPakistani proposed couple of months ago with little alteration, then we had said

“Five Minutes Pulse Calls
Many of us miss those golden days when PTCL used to allow 5 minutes’ long calls. How about implementing this idea in cellular calls too? – makes sense? Okay price of this five minute call should be lesser than 5 multiples of one minute call; for instance, if one minute call is charged Rs. 2 per minute, than 5 minute call could be offered at Rs. 8 per minute or even Rs. 7.

Such a package will be picked a lot by ladies, who take couple of minutes before gearing the actual conversation. Same can be the case with few of gentlemen as well.”

Another thing is to be noted that this campaign came forth just after Mobilink Jazz is up with their “68 Paisa” campaign. Ufone is showing up with “3 Minutes” and “66 Paisas” in this particular package. No matter where it leads to, but one thing is for certain; and that is Ufone gonna give a tough competition to Mobilink Jazz. Since this offer by Ufone is first of its kind, Ufone will have to spend a major chunk towards marketing and promotion of this package.

Talking about the user perspective, we are guessing that this package will be appreciated by the users because it seems to be quite relief for them. Possible audience can be ladies of course, and the youngsters  too.

Tariff of Ufone’s “3 Minutes Package”

On-net calls:   Ufone to Ufone    Rs. 2.00 / 3 minutes
Off-net calls:   Ufone to other mobile operators and Landline     Rs. 3.20 / 3 minutes

Onnet SMS :   Rs. 0.50 / SMS
Offnet SMS :   Rs. 1.00 / SMS
Ufone to International :  Rs. 1.50 / SMS

How to Convert

Conversion of any Package to 3 Minute package is free, dial 444 to convert the package, however, getting out from 3 minute package to any other package will cost you Rs. 36. (check help line for more details)

Terms to be Noted:

  • All rates are stated exclusive of taxes.
  • International calls will be charged on per minute basis
  • No late night discount will be available on this package.
  • FnF will not be available on this package.
  • Voice bucket will not be available on this package.
  • All Prepaid subscribers will have the choice to opt-in to the “3 Minute Package”.
  • Limited time offer