USB TV Box Device (China Made) for Laptops

usb_tv_device_for_laptopsRecently , I got a (China made) USB TV box 2.0 device, though I was interested in buying branded stuff like Dany USB TV Dongle, Intex USB Tv Box , Pinnacle TvBox , to use is with my laptop. Fortunately, I come to know about this USB TV Box 2.0 and I bought it on risk, because there were no warranties. But I took 100% risk and bought this device for Rs.1500/- while others were available at Rs. 3000 or Rs.3800/-

How I made this TV device useful like any other above mentioned branded device?

Getting back home, I connected it with my laptop’s USB, though I was not expecting anything, but thank God, it got detected and hence I installed the drivers which came with the pack. Furthermore, I installed vendor provided TV program “Win DVR” yes, the same program of Intervideo (Corel) with serial no; but it scanned only 50 channels out of 115 channels available on my cable network.

This was time, when I thought of branded devices, however, I googled around and found that actual brand name of this USB TV device is Sino Video Capture USB 3200 TV Box Device and in Europe it is selling as “Sabrent Tv Box”.
Well I got both of the OEM websites (i.e. and but, these websites are only useful for Sabrent with Vista supported drivers and manuals nothing more than, if you install drivers from these websites you will get “Blue Screen errors and restart” or otherwise picture quality will not be as good as I am getting.

So, I realized the fact of using vendor provided CD Drivers as best OEM drivers for that device on windows XP.
This device works perfect on vista but can scan only 50 channels with crystal clear picture. But this works for me in Windows XP to scan as much channels you have on cable tv network. It is worth buying Rs. 1500/- USB Tv box device for laptop and surfing cable tv network like I would by using pinnacle or any branded TV box device.

You can find this device in main computer markets of Pakistan selling as Star TV Box USB and only 2.0 TV Box and this device is worth buying instead investing high bucks in branded devices like we are used to do. But in case you want branded stuff, make sure to have Rs. 3000 or plus with you…!

  • Does this device works in the otherway i.e. showing computer output on TV i.e. I have movies on my laptop and I want to watch them on TV

  • I do not want to offend any one. When I bought Ufone USB EDGE Inter net Modem I was told its easy, fast etc with just Plug & Play where ever there is Ufone GPRS. My useage was meant for Tando Mohd Khan a Dist HQ City with over 70,000 population. What a Joke, it worked for only two days and no more, its only 20 miles South of Hyderabad. Why torture the Customers.Shame.
    Can any company guarantee that its Mobile Broadband ie Internet thru USB Sim works…I shall buy that, may feel free to call me at 0333-232-1770 email: [email protected]
    Thanx & Regards

  • @Reality Bites
    Have u tried changing the country in tv card settings ? Try changing it to India as I did with my PixelView PCI card, also try other free and paid softwares for TV cards.

    BTW from where u purchased this ?

  • Does it support multiple channel viewing, I mean is it possible to watch more than 1 channel at th same time?

  • You guys are great idots the branded stuff named as DANY-G is only of fuckin rs 1100/- u moron!!!!I AM USING IT and it catches upto 136 channels whereas my cable oprator provides 140….Its only a difference of 4 chans….so what wud u guys recommend a no branded device giving you 50 channels for 1500 or a branded one giving u 130 plus chans just for 1100???

  • Hi All,

    Anybdy here using Dany All-in-one USB TV Box U-1050 ?
    I’m in badly need of its drivers as installation CD in the box is kinda corrupt.
    Pls help !!

  • U-1050. Can that be used with USB 1.0?
    Also, when I downloaded the drivers from the website, the application would freeze, but when I uninstalled and re-installed with the CD, the application worked. Just my two cents’ worth.

  • well, it sucks. i m fedup of it. i missed its usb cable, i purchased new one and tried but it didn’t work. now its malfunctioning. i believe, this product is faulty now. gonna claim the warranty. don’t know what ar danies going to do wid me. my advice, dont purchase.

  • TO Increase Number of Channels
    i don’t know if it helps or not bt have u tried changing the region on the software
    the thing is the region defines the frequency range and by selecting Pakistan or China it will search for more.
    i hv been using PCI tv tuner cards and other same stuff for quite some time now so i know how these work.

  • First of all v must know the difference b/w a tv tuner and a tv device
    1-Tv tuner can record things and is plugged in cpu
    2-while a tv device can’t record anything and is concerned with a pc monitor
    So,better find a tv tuner rather than a tv device.I blindly bought a tv device and somehow its immoral to have a cable connection.Right now I m feeling myself an idiot as why in first place should I have it.Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmma meray 1500/-

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