USB TV Box Device (China Made) for Laptops

usb_tv_device_for_laptopsRecently , I got a (China made) USB TV box 2.0 device, though I was interested in buying branded stuff like Dany USB TV Dongle, Intex USB Tv Box , Pinnacle TvBox , to use is with my laptop. Fortunately, I come to know about this USB TV Box 2.0 and I bought it on risk, because there were no warranties. But I took 100% risk and bought this device for Rs.1500/- while others were available at Rs. 3000 or Rs.3800/-

How I made this TV device useful like any other above mentioned branded device?

Getting back home, I connected it with my laptop’s USB, though I was not expecting anything, but thank God, it got detected and hence I installed the drivers which came with the pack. Furthermore, I installed vendor provided TV program “Win DVR” yes, the same program of Intervideo (Corel) with serial no; but it scanned only 50 channels out of 115 channels available on my cable network.

This was time, when I thought of branded devices, however, I googled around and found that actual brand name of this USB TV device is Sino Video Capture USB 3200 TV Box Device and in Europe it is selling as “Sabrent Tv Box”.
Well I got both of the OEM websites (i.e. and but, these websites are only useful for Sabrent with Vista supported drivers and manuals nothing more than, if you install drivers from these websites you will get “Blue Screen errors and restart” or otherwise picture quality will not be as good as I am getting.

So, I realized the fact of using vendor provided CD Drivers as best OEM drivers for that device on windows XP.
This device works perfect on vista but can scan only 50 channels with crystal clear picture. But this works for me in Windows XP to scan as much channels you have on cable tv network. It is worth buying Rs. 1500/- USB Tv box device for laptop and surfing cable tv network like I would by using pinnacle or any branded TV box device.

You can find this device in main computer markets of Pakistan selling as Star TV Box USB and only 2.0 TV Box and this device is worth buying instead investing high bucks in branded devices like we are used to do. But in case you want branded stuff, make sure to have Rs. 3000 or plus with you…!